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medieval England

Opening the Medieval Stone Coffin at Richard III Burial Site. Source: YouTube Screenshot / University of Leicester.

Opening the Medieval Stone Coffin at the Richard III Burial Site? (Video)

In 2012, archaeologists made a stunning discovery in a parking lot in Leicester, England - the remains of King Richard III , one of the most infamous and controversial figures in British history ...
Portrait of Empress Mathilda, from "History of England" by St. Albans monks (15th century); the beginning of The Anarchy. (Overlay, modern Anarchy sign)                Source: Public Domain (Overlay; Public domain)

The Anarchy: A Whirlwind of Chaos and Warfare in Medieval England

Anarchy. The word itself is enough to paint a stark picture of lawlessness and disorder, a picture of a world in which no rules exist – for anyone. Such a world is bound to collapse under its own...
The Rufus Stone in the New Forest, England, from sometime between 1890 and 1900. (Public Domain)

The Rufus Stone: Memorial to William Rufus, Unpopular Norman King of England

The Rufus Stone is a memorial in the New Forest, England . The stone is alleged to mark the location where William II, the second Norman king of England, met his death. In reality, however, the exact...
13th century cat- and goat-hide shop

13th century cat- and goat-hide shop excavated in England

People wore domestic cat fur clothing in medieval England, and archaeologists may have found a site where such leather was produced in the 13 th century. Archaeologists digging in Norwich, England,...