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Mary Rose

Medieval arrow fletchings. Source: David Pimborough / Adobe Stock.

The Exceptional Craftmanship Behind Medieval Arrows (Video)

Discovering the craftsmanship behind medieval arrows is a journey into the precision and dedication of ancient fletchers and arrow smiths. These arrows , such as the one modeled after a 1545 Mary...
Underwater archaeologists during a dive at the Alonnisos shipwreck in 2002. Source: Elpida Hadjidaki / CC BY-SA 4.0

Digging the Deep Blue: Challenges and Triumphs in Underwater Archaeology

Archaeology, the scientific study of human history and prehistory through the excavation and analysis of artifacts and other physical remains, has greatly evolved over time, providing a window onto...
Newport Castle with ships by J. M. W. Turner (1796) (Public Domain)

The Newport Medieval Trading Ship Revival

One of the most remarkable maritime archaeological discoveries of the 21st century was the discovery of the ghostly timbers of a medieval ship, embedded in the mud, when renovations of an arts centre...
How the Newport Ship may have looked as it docked at Newport in the 15th Century. Source: Newport Museums and Heritage Service

Rebuilding the Newport Ship: The Welsh Shipwreck Rivalling the Mary Rose

In 2022, the Newport Ship was discovered in the River Usk near Newport in Wales. Considered one of the most significant archaeological finds in the United Kingdom, after years of restoring the...
The conserved Mary Rose ship on show.        Source: Mary Rose Trust / University of Warwick

How Will Scientists Save the Mary Rose?

The Mary Rose is one of the most famous shipwrecks in all of history, but a study in 2021 showed that the favorite warship of King Henry VIII is being destroyed by tiny specks of acidic iron and...
The Mary Rose depicted on the Anthony Roll of Henry VIII’s Navy

Mary Rose Crew Exposed By Teeth Analysis

A team of researchers in England have analyzed the teeth of eight crewmen recovered from King Henry VIII’s sunken ghost ship, the Mary Rose. Not only have the crew been dubbed a “multicultural” bunch...
The shipwreck found on Tankerton beach last year is now protected.

Authorities Give Protection to a Rare 16th Century Tudor Shipwreck Found on an English Beach

British experts have announced an amazing discovery on a beach in Kent. A group of amateur archaeologists has found a Tudor shipwreck that is up to five hundred years old. The find was totally...
Mary Rose: Tudor Painting and Tidal Analysis Offer Clues as to why it sank

Mary Rose: Tudor Painting and Tidal Analysis Offer Clues as to why it sank

Skulls, the ship’s figurehead and other artifacts from the wreck of a 1545 Tudor warship have been made available to peruse online in 3D reconstructions. But why did she sink? The answer is more...