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Mary Queen of Scots

Margaret Douglas and her husband Matthew, Earl of Lennox, their young son Charles and grandson James VI of Scotland, next to the body of their son Lord Darnley, consort to Queen Mary of Scots and father of James VI, by Livinus De Vogelaare (1567) (Public Domain)

The Remarkable Life Of Margaret Douglas, Countess Of Lennox, Ancestor Of The Royal Bloodline Of Britain

The life of a woman in Tudor England was not an easy one, even for those of noble birth and royal status. The role of a woman was to marry, run a household and produce the all-important male heir...
Lord Darnley and Mary Queen of Scots by unknown painter (Public Domain)

In Search Of The Murder Scene Of Lord Darnley, Spouse Of Mary Queen Of Scots

Letters previously thought to have been Italian texts from the 16th century, turned out to be written by Mary Queen of Scotts, when she was held prisoner by her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I. This...
Portrait of Mary, Queen of Scots, detail. Inset, Section of one of the 50 scripts, made up of graphical symbols, found by the code breaker team in the National Library of France.   Source: Public Domain /inset; Bibliotheque National de France

Researchers Decode Secret Encrypted Letters of Mary, Queen of Scots

Secret encrypted letters written by Mary, Queen of Scots during her imprisonment in England have been decoded. Having been arrested and charged for plotting to murder her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I,...
Queen Mary’s rosary beads were on display at Arundel Castle until until successfully stolen recently. Source: © Arundel Castle

Queen Mary's Beads, Worn to Her Beheading, Have Been Stolen!

Criminal gangs targeting historic sites in England have struck at Arundel Castle. The rosary beads worn by Mary Queen of Scots when she was being beheaded, have “vanished” in another brazen robbery...
A Royal Love Affair: The Mystery of Amy Robsart Dudley’s Death

A Royal Love Affair: The Mystery of Amy Robsart Dudley’s Death

Royal courts were always a hotspot for intrigues, secrets, schemes, and love affairs. Where prestige and power reign, true love is often nowhere to be found. But in those cases when royal passions...
Panoramic view of Edinburgh Castle             Source: Jeff Whyte /Adobe

Edinburgh Castle, Proud Custodian of Significant Scottish History

Scotland is famous for, amongst other things, tartan, the breathtaking highlands, its national animal, the unicorn , and of course the beautiful landmarks. Perhaps the best known of the ancient sites...