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Xhosa boys taking part in the Ulwaluko circumcision tradition. Source: Dingeman / GNU Free Documentation License.

From Boys to Men: The Circumcision Tradition of the Xhosa People (Video)

The circumcision ritual has long been a rite of passage for young men in many cultures. For the Xhosa people of South Africa, the tradition , known as Ulwaluko, is a crucial aspect of their cultural...
Theseus (center) invented wrestling

The Real Reason That Men in Classical Portrayals Were Given Small Manhoods

Today, bigger is widely regarded as better. But was this always the case? This article sheds some light on how the Western culture changed in its phallic preferences. Over the past few decades,...
Scene from the movie, Troy, loosely based on Homer’s Iliad. (Troy)

Toxic Masculinity Fostered by Misreadings of the Classics

Homer’s Iliad has been used by some men to hail the virtues of traditional masculinity in the 21st century. Typically, the famous work of literature serves as a sort of manual of manliness . Scholars...