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magic mushrooms

Top Image: Fantasy shaman leading a holy ayahuasca ceremony (Caphira Lescante/Adobe Stock)

Psychedelic-Induced Mystical Experiences Throughout History

Since time immemorial, psychedelic mind-altering experiences have been common among humankind’s shamanic journeys. All is one. That is one of the feelings contemporary users of mind-altering plants...
Shaman inhaling psychoactive substance ( Adobe Stock /  Ammit)

Hallucinogenic Trip Of The 1000-Year-Old Shamanic Pouch Into Another Galaxy

Since the mid-1950s, experimentalists, scientists, artists, musicians and psychonauts have been indulging in the “jungle alchemy” that is the ayahuasca, or DMT, experience. From 2008 – 2010...
The Mexican magic mushroom or Teotlnanácatl mushroom is believed to be one or a mixture of these two psilocybin mushrooms of Mexico: Psilocybe aztecorum and | or Psilocybe mexicana.		Source: alexander_volkov / Adobe Stock

Teotlnanácatl: In Search of the Aztec 'God's Flesh' Psychedelic Mushroom

Magic mushrooms, Shrooms, and the ever-famous Liberty Cap are all familiar terms for the same groovy fungus. Popularized in the western world in the late 50s, psychedelic mushrooms have been used for...
New study will help us understand more about ancient trippers by testing ancient teeth. Source: Line S. Larsen / Science

The Legacy of Ancient Trippers Stripped from Teeth

According to a 2019 paper titled Toxicology in Antiquity (Second Edition) , almost all of the Mystery Religions and cults of the ancient world “frequently, if not always, employed the use of...
The Legend of Lugalbanda, The First Sumerian Shaman

The Legend of Lugalbanda, The First Sumerian Shaman

According to the Sumerian King List , Lugalbanda was one of the kings who belonged to the First Dynasty of Uruk in Sumer in ancient Mesopotamia. What is particularly striking about Lugalbanda is the...
Magic mushrooms contain the chemical psilocybin which cause hallucinogens. Source: Martina / Adobe Stock.

Scientific Shamans Make E-coli Brew “Magic Mushroom” Hallucinogen

Scientists have successfully modified E. coli to create the powerful psychoactive chemical found in magic mushrooms that were consumed by most prehistoric tribes. In the new study published online...
Der Mönch

Santa Claus – A Siberian Shaman on a Magic Mushroom Trip?

The idea that there is a direct link between our modern representation of Santa Claus and historic shamanic practice in Siberia is not new. It seems to have been first suggested by the historian of...
Map of Caithness detailing Iron Age brochs. (Courtesy of the Caithness Broch Project.)

Botanical Mystery of the Ancient Ulbster Stone

A 1,500-year-old carved marvel, the Ulbster Stone, was unearthed from the grounds of an ancient Celtic chapel in the remote Highlands of Scotland and is renown to have more symbols than any other...
Tripping through Time: The Fascinating History of the Magic Mushroom

Tripping through Time: The Fascinating History of the Magic Mushroom

The psilocybin group of mushrooms, popularly known as magic mushrooms, shrooms or psychedelic mushrooms, is found in over two hundred varieties around the world. We know them today as a recreational...
Ancient relief carving depicting drug use

Archaeological study explores drug-taking and altered states in prehistory

Neanderthals on speed 60,000 years ago; Paleolithic art inspired by psilocybin or Amanita muscaria mushroom trips; and alcohol-fueled religious worship all over the world down through the ages –...