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Detail of the two heads of Kap Dwa. Source: CC BY SA

Tales of a Two-headed Giant: Are Legends of Patagonia’s Kap Dwa Real?

In the annals of history, tales of giants have permeated diverse cultures, weaving a rich tapestry of myth and legend. From the towering Greek titans to the colossal Norse beings, the Chinese Pangu...
Composite image cloves layered over map representing the Magellan-Elcano expedition in the Nao Victoria. Source: Benjamin LEFEBVRE / Adobe Stock & Public domain

The First Circumnavigation of the World Happened by Accident, Not Design

In 2022 Spain went all out to celebrate the quincentennial of the arrival of the so-called ‘Spice Route Armada’ which reached Spain on September 6th, 1522, after completing the first recorded...
Image from the poster of Uncharted. Source: Clay Enos / Columbia Picture / Sony Pictures Entertainment

Ancient Origins Features in Box Office Hit Film Uncharted

With mystery, treasure and the hunt for answers as its theme, Ancient Origins was a natural choice for the film makers of $400 million (£323 million) grossing feature film Uncharted to use as the...
Portrait of Ferdinand Magellan and his ship Trinidad on postage stamp

500 Years Ago Today Magellan and Elcano Set Sail to Conquer the World

On August 10, 1519, King Charles of Spain watched naval officers Ferdinand Magellan and Juan Sebastián Elcano set sail to the ‘Spice Islands’, now the Maluku Islands in Indonesia. 239 brave men...
Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan: Defying all Odds in a Voyage around the World

The historical figure Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer who remains famous for the first circumnavigation of the earth, proving that the earth is round. However, the voyage was dogged by...
A depiction of the Battle of Mactan

Chief Lapu-Lapu - Warrior and Hero of the Philippines

In the early 16 th century, Spain was becoming a global superpower due to innovations in navigation and seafaring. At the end of the previous century, Christopher Columbus, whose voyage had been...