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Left; Bronze metalwork deposited at Papowo Biskupie. Right; Hypothetical reconstruction of the necklace recovered from Papowo Biskupie worn by a model in traditional clothing. Source: A. Piasecka/ Antiquity Publications Ltd

Dried Lakebed Site Reveals Game Changing Bronze Age Jewelry of Chełmno Culture

Archaeologists in Poland have unearthed a trove of over 550 pieces of Bronze Age jewelry believed to have been part of an ancient burial ceremony. Discovered at the Papowo Biskupie site, which was...
The spectacular array of treasures uncovered in Polish peat bog are believed to have been sacrifices by the Bronze Age Lusatian culture. Source: Tytus Zmijewski

Sacrificial Treasure Trove of Bronze Age Artifacts Found in Peat Bog

Researchers in Poland were metal detecting a drained peat bog based on speculation when they unearthed an ancient sacrificial site containing a treasure trove of bronze artifacts dating to the Bronze...
The sandpit where the Lusatian graves were discovered. Source: zarynaszemiasto / The First News

Polish Children Unearth Ancient Lusatian Graves In Sandpit

A group of Polish children digging in a playground sandpit made the unexpected, and quite morbid, discovery of a Bronze Age Lusatian grave. The children are fine, but we adults should be asking if...
Just a few of the metal medieval objects found recently in Poland in the village of Poniaty Wielkie.

Medieval Metallic Objects Show Alchemical Mastery In Poland

Another amazing medieval discovery has been made in eastern Europe. This time, hundreds of medieval objects were unearthed in east-central Poland. The discovery was made when excavators were...
A sonar image of the wreck in the Vistula River and the dingy the archaeologists used to search for it, showing the relative size of the ship.            Source: Podwodne wraki Warszawy

Divers Detect Titanic 700-Year-Old Shipwreck in Vistula River

A centuries old shipwreck described as “huge and rare” has been discovered by underwater archaeologists in the Vistula River north of Warsaw in Poland . Measuring a whopping 37-meters-long (121 foot...
Martina Bekova of the Rychnov Museum with the Bronze age sword.             Source: David Tanecek, CTK

Bronze Age Sword Found at Secret New Site in Czech Republic

Archaeologists in the Czech Republic have announced the discovery of a Bronze Age sword that dates from over 3000 years ago, which is providing new insights into prehistoric Eastern Europe. The...
Some of the finds presented at the Jan Dekerta Lubuskie Museum in Gorzów Wielkopolski.

Family Discovers a Collection of Rare Bronze Age Artifacts in Poland

A collection of bronze artifacts has been discovered in Lubuskie Province, in Poland. The objects are associated with the Lusatian culture, which was one of the most influential cultures of the...
Baby tomb in Poland

Archaeologists uncover 2,500-year-old baby grave containing a toy rattle

Archaeologists have discovered hundreds of pit tombs in the Polish village of Łęgowo near Wągrowiec, some of which contain tiny urns containing the cremated remains of babies dating back two-and-a-...