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The excavation site at Sem where the large Viking Longhouse has been detected. Source: Frank Rødberg / County Municipality

Remarkably Massive Viking Longhouse Discovered in Norway

While excavating near the ruins of a 17th century royal estate near the village of Sem in the Eiker district of southeastern Norway, archaeologists unearthed dozens of ancient postholes spread around...
The site of the newly discovered rare ancient Viking temple found in Norway with an imagined reconstruction of the actual building.   Source: University Museum of Bergen

Viking Temple to Thor and Odin Unearthed In Norway

The Viking Age has fascinated people for generations and now we have a newly discovered ancient Viking temple that has finally shed some new light on Norse religion . Believe it or not, there is a...
Archaeological excavation at Arnarfjörður has unearthed huge amounts of data. Researchers have also found data within the texts of ancient Icelandic sagas, as well as drone technology to identify possible dig sites. Source: Margrét Hallmundsdóttir

Longhouse From Icelandic Medieval Saga Discovered at Arnarfjörður

In 2013 archaeologists in Iceland came across an ash pile which led to excavations that began in 2017 at Arnarfjörður, near the church town Auðkúla in Iceland . The ash pile led to the discovery of a...
Representation of a Viking Hall.        Source: Roksolana / Adobe stock

Radar Tech Uncovers Three Viking Halls at Royal Cemetery in Norway

Three ancient Viking hall type structures of Norse power have been scanned at a Late Iron Age royal burial site in Norway. Borre is located in Horten municipality, Vestfold County, on the western...
Holy Island is named for its many burials. This Late Roman cist cemetery was uncovered during the dig. Source: Gwynedd Archaeological Trust.

Archaeological Finds Tell the Story of Wales’ Holy Island

In the United Kingdom, finds from a remarkable archaeological project are being unveiled to the public for the first time. This treasure trove of artifacts provides an insight into the 6,000 year...
Viking House in Iceland        Source: @elvisliivamagi / Adobe Stock

With Portals to the Dead, Viking Homes Were Stranger Than Fiction

The Vikings are more popular than ever. TV shows such as Last Kingdom and Vikings have added dramatic license to particular historical accounts , while new archaeological finds are guaranteed to make...
‘The Storyteller’ by L.F. Tantillo depicting Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy) people.

Surviving a Hostile New World: The Iroquois Confederacy's Struggle Against Disease, Starvation, Enslavement and Warfare

The founding of the Iroquois Confederacy of Five Nations came about in a campaign to bring peace to the warring, yet related tribes of the region around New York and the eastern Great Lakes. In 1722...
This is the "Celtic Cross" side of a Pictish stone in Aberlemno, Scotland. This stone dates from around 700AD, and the other side of it has some of the mysterious symbols used by the Picts, who lived in this part of Scotland at the time.

Picking Apart the Picts: The Value of Aberdeen's Newest Discovery

One of the greatest mysteries of Scotland lies in the northeastern portion of the country. Though named for the Scots because the titular medieval clan won a decisive battle, much of Scotland's...
‘Light and Structure’ - Reconstruction of Viking Longhouse: Central Jutland, Denmark.

Why Would You Cremate and Bury Your Home? A Bizarre Viking Ritual Explained

The Vikings had a very bizarre tradition that might be totally unique: they buried their own homes. From the Bronze Age until the Viking Age, historians have noted that burial mounds were placed on...
A blue glass bead at least 1,500 years old is among the finds archaeologists have made at the Ørland Main Air Station dig.

Pre-Viking Iron Age settlement will give a glimpse of life in Norway 1,500 years ago

Archaeologists have discovered a pre-Viking Iron Age settlement dating back around 1,500 years ago on the Trondheim Fjord on Norway’s coast as they excavated the area prior to expanding an airport...
The long fire pit in the center of the longhouse

Viking Longhouse Discovery Rewrites the History of Icelandic Capital City

Archaeologists conducting an excavation in the center of Reykjavik, Iceland were actually looking for a farm cottage from 1799. Instead, they discovered something much older, a Viking longhouse 20...