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Roman armor was exceptionally well-engineered and fit for purpose, and transformed the Roman legionary into a formidable fighter. Source: Caligula10’s wife / CC BY-SA 3.0

Roman Armor, the Backbone of the Ferocious Roman Warrior

Rome created an empire that was amongst the most powerful in the ancient world. But conquering half of the known world was no easy task, and it required a capable and highly functional fighting force...
The Swiss site in Gebenstorf, and (inset) some of the unexpectedly large and extensive Roman walls found by the initial archaeology. Source: Archaeology News / Cantonal archeology, © Canton Aargau.

Swiss Archaeologists in Gebenstorf Find Unexpectedly Extensive Roman Site

Archaeologists in Switzerland have discovered a large Roman settlement in Gebenstorf in the Canton of Aargau. The area is slated for a major modern redevelopment and the race is on to preserve this...
Roman soldier in training. Source: irontrybex / Adobe Stock.

From Citizen to Soldier: Inside the Roman Army’s Basic Training (Video)

The Roman Army was one of the greatest fighting forces the world has ever seen. It was an army defined by the discipline , strength and skill of its soldiers. But how did the Romans whip new recruits...
Some of the finds from the Northgate construction site, Chester, near the site of an important Roman legion camp.     Source: Oxford Archaeology

New Finds Made Near Famous Roman Legion Base in Britain

Archaeologists have made some impressive new finds at an important Roman site in Britain. The finds are in an area that was once part of a large, Roman legionary camp and barracks. These discoveries...
Roman cooking pot with most likely the remains of a cremated Roman Legionary, found at the Roman military camp discovered at Legio, by Tel Megiddo

Remains of Ancient Roman Soldier Discovered in a 1,700-Year-Old Cooking Pot in Israel

The remains of an ancient Roman soldier have been found in a 1,700-year-old cooking pot at a huge Roman camp in Israel. Archaeologists suggest that the camp is the only full-scale Roman legionary...