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Medieval saber sword found in Kyrgyzstan. Source: Siyatbek Ibraliev / Turmush

Unearthed Treasure: Saber Sword Found in Kyrgyzstan is a Medieval Marvel!

Amidst the serene village of Amanbaev in the Talas Region of Kyrgyzstan, a momentous discovery has come to light which has been dubbed the Kyrgyzstan saber. This ancient military saber sword boasts a...
Representational image of Balbal statues in Kyrgyzstan. Source: / Adobe Stock

Potato Farmer Unearths Huge 6th-Century Balbal Statue in Kyrgyzstan

Many fascinating artifacts and ruins have been uncovered accidentally, particularly during construction projects or by farmers plowing their fields. This pattern has just been repeated in a small...
A view of Koshoy Korgon from the inner northern corner, looking south-east. The on-site museum is visible in the background. Source: Firespeaker / CC BY-SA 3.0

Koshoy Korgon: The Alluring Silk Road Fortress

The nation of Kyrgyzstan is little known outside Central Asia. However, this former Soviet republic has many historic remains, because it was located on the Silk Road . This was the trade route that...
The mummy was reburied on October 14 by a group of men in the village of Kara-Bulak in southern Bishkek Province, where it was discovered in 1956.

Dispute Rages as Psychic Warnings See Kyrgyzstan’s Only Mummy Returned to the Earth

Scientists are demanding Kyrgyzstan’s only mummy be taken out from the spot in which it has recently been reburied. The 1,500-year-old relic was taken from a museum and quietly buried on the eve of a...
Divers from Tomsk State University say they have located another 'previously unknown' outpost of the ancient world.

One more ancient civilization found in Lake Issyk-Kul: could this be where St Matthew is buried

By Olga Gertcyk | The Siberian Times Siberian scientists have made a discovery of a 2,500-year-old Saka settlement in up to 23 meters of water in Kyrgyzstan. The new find at this mysterious lake is...
The Ancient Silk Road

New Project seeks World Heritage status for Ancient Silk Road

A major project is underway by China , Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to get dozens of heritage sites established on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, according to a news report in CCTV. The sites are all...