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Maeve, the Queen of Connacht and her husband Ailill

The Irish Otherworld Lives on with Queen Maeve, Epona, and Halloween

On Knocknarea Mountain, overlooking the Coolera peninsula in Sligo, there is an ancient passage tomb that dominates the landscape. This passage tomb is unique, not only because of its prominence, but...
A modern illustration of Medb

When Irish Legends and History Combine: The Tomb of the Fairy Queen Maeve

Legends suggest that the green hills of Ireland have always been a place for fairy games. According to local beliefs, the forests were full of hidden settlements inhabited by supernatural creatures...
Irish Cave

Stone Age bones found in Irish cave may reveal prehistoric practice of excarnation

An archaeologist made a chance finding while investigating the Knocknarea cave in Ireland and caught a glimpse of a sliver of bone, leading to the discovery of numerous bones belonging to a Stone Age...