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Kilwa Kisiwani. Source: renatehenkel / Adobe Stock.

Kilwa Kisiwani: The Ruins of a Medieval East African Empire (Video)

Nestled on an island off the Tanzanian coast lies the captivating ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani, a once-prosperous city that thrived as a vital global trade hub during the Kilwa Sultanate , until European...
A 1572 depiction of the city of Kilwa on Kilwa Island from Georg Braun and Frans Hogenberg's atlas Civitates orbis terrarum. Source: Public domain

The Kilwa Sultanate: The Island State That Dominated Medieval East Africa

The Kilwa Sultanate was a powerful and prosperous city-state that once dominated the Swahili coast of East Africa. For centuries, this kingdom thrived as a hub of international trade, connecting the...
View through sacred rocks beyond Dhambala Homeland center, Elcho island.

Will Ancient African Coin Found in Australia 'Change Everything'?

The tenacity of amateur archaeologists and historians searching on a remote island off the coast of the Northern Territories in Australia seems to have finally paid off. The team has found a small...
Old mosque of Kaole.

Are the Old Tombs of Kaole, Tanzania, Really Able To Heal?

Situated on the beautiful east coast of Africa, Tanzania is a fascinating country with a rich culture and no shortage of historic sites on its Indian Ocean coast. Kaole, an abandoned town and...
Two of the ancient Kilwa coins.

Ancient African Coins Found in Australia Pose Interesting Questions About the Nation’s History

According to Australia’s established history, European adventurers and explorers were the first foreigners to step foot on the continent – first Dutchman Willem Janszoon in 1606, and later Captain...