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Khmer Empire

Paying tribute in ancient Egypt. Source: Esignd ® / Adobe Stock.

How Ancient Cultures Paid Tributes to their Gods (Video)

Ancient civilizations, in their devotion to the divine, created enduring tributes that stand as evidence of their unwavering faith. Among these, the intricate carvings adorning the walls of Angkor...
Ta Prohm. Source:  jon_chica / Adobe Stock.

Ta Prohm’s Ruins are a 1,000-Year-Old Climate Change Warning (Video)

Ta Prohm , an ancient temple in Cambodia, serves as a haunting testament to the impact of climate change. Built during the height of the Khmer empire around 1,000 years ago, this once majestic...
The temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Source: mikefuchslocher / Adobe Stock

The Mysteries and Spectacular Architecture of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is a fascinating temple complex in northwestern Cambodia, located in what was once the capital of the ancient Khmer Empire which presided over a vast kingdom in Southeast Asia. While...
A team at Monash University created stunning computer graphics depicting daily life at Angkor Wat in the late 12th century, before the Khmer exodus.

Staggering Statistics Revealed On Angkor Wat and the Khmer Exodus

Angkor Wat was the enormous capital city of the Khmer Empire , located in modern day Cambodia . Now, a new study has attempted to understand the Khmer exodus, whereby the ancient mega-city of almost...
The Crocodile Stone of Vat Phou Temple, Laos. Photo source: Mattun0211 / CC0

The Crocodile Stone: Is This a Grisly Artifact of Human Sacrifice?

The Crocodile Stone is a peculiar rock located in the Vat Phou (also spelled as Wat Phu) Temple complex, in Laos . As its name suggests, the rock contains the carving of a crocodile. More precisely,...
Severe storms cause ancient trees to fall at Angkor Wat. Source: Knongspor.

Trees Fall on Angkor Wat Temples During Cambodian New Year

In Cambodia a severe storm has caused havoc across the country. During the extreme weather, ancient and iconic trees fell in the Angkor Wat heritage park and buildings were destroyed. The trees fell...
Lion statue unearthed from reservoir in Cambodia.    Source: Department of Protection and Conservation of Ancient Constructions

Exquisite 12th Century Lion Sculpture Dragged From Reservoir in Cambodia

In Cambodia, a major discovery has been announced. Officials from the Department of Protection and Conservation of Ancient Constructions have stated that a large statue of a medieval lion was...
Khmer Empire city found north of Angkor Wat. Here, Ta Prom Khmer ancient Buddhist temple in jungle forest

Lost City of Khmer Empire Finally Found in Cambodia!

Ancient Cambodia’s Mahendraparvata , one of the first Angkorian capital cities of the 9th to 15th century Khmer Empire, has finally been located to the northeast of Angkor Wat in Cambodia...
View of Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Source: tawatchai1990 / Adobe Stock.

Angkor Wat Archaeological Digs Yield New Clues to its Civilization’s Decline

By Alison Kyra Carter /The Conversation Cambodia’s famous temple of Angkor Wat is one of the world’s largest religious monuments, visited by over 2 million tourists each year. It was built in the...
Presumed Portrait of Jayavarman VII

Jayavarman II: Self-Proclaimed God-King of the Khmer Empire

Jayavarman II is traditionally regarded as the founder of the Khmer Empire, a powerful state which ruled much of mainland Southeast Asia from the 9th century AD until the 15th century AD. The Khmer...