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The Kurultáj festival (Derzsi Elekes Andor / CC by SA 4.0)

Hungary’s Kurultaj Festival Celebrates Warrior Roots (Video)

Every year the Kurultaj Festival, hosted in Bugac, Hungary showcases a captivating reenactment of the country's ancient history, specifically the conquest by Hungarian tribes over a thousand years...
The Mongol ruler Hulagu in Baghdad interns the Caliph of Baghdad among his treasures. Hulagu founded the Ilkhanate.

The Ilkhanate Had Only Two Goals: Conquest and Power

The Ilkhanate was one of the four khanates that emerged after the fragmentation of the Mongol Empire. This khanate was founded by Hulegu Khan, one of Genghis Khan’s grandsons, and lasted from the...
A statue of Batu Khan in Turkey.

Batu Khan: The Leader of the Golden Horde Kept His Grandfather Genghis’ Legacy Going

Batu Khan was a Mongol ruler and the founder of the Golden Horde (known also as the Kipchak Khanate, and the Ulus of Jochi). He was a grandson of Genghis Khan through Jochi, the Great Khan’s eldest...
‘Mongols at the Walls of Vladimir’ by Vasily Maksimov. Depiction of Mongols of the Golden Horde outside Vladimir - presumably demanding submission before sacking the city.

The Golden Horde and the Mongol Mission to Conquer Europe

Before Mongol emperor Genghis Khan died in 1227 AD, he divided his vast empire into four khanates (fiefdoms) among three sons and a grandson. The westernmost of these regions was ruled by the Golden...
Mongol attac

The Famous and Powerful Khanates that Followed the Mongol Empire

A khanate was a political entity ruled by a khan. Historically speaking, the ruler of a Mongolian tribe was given the title ‘Khan’. Later on, this title was adopted by many Muslim societies. Although...
Kenesary Khan Tomb

Archaeologists Unearth Tomb of Kenesary Khan's Warriors

Archaeologists have discovered a tomb of Kenesary Khan’s warriors in an old Muslim cemetery located near Astana city in Kazakhstan. The tomb is marked by an old tombstone with lettering in Arabic...