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Tibetan horse saddle. Metropolitan Museum of Art / Public Domain.

How This Ornate Saddle Reflects Traditional Tibetan Culture (Video)

This intricate saddle serves as a remarkable embodiment of traditional Tibetan culture , transcending the Western stereotype of Tibet as solely defined by Buddhism . Rooted in a rich historical...
The emerald is known as the gemstone of lovers. Source: Balazs / Adobe Stock

The Bloody Legacy of Emeralds – The Gemstone of Lovers

People are a lot like magpies. We like shiny things. Since the beginning, we have ascribed value to pretty rocks with little practical value. To try and explain their obsession with these stones...
A Kohinoor Diamond replica, and as inset in Queen Mary’s crown, 1919.        Source: Left; aiva / CC BY 2.0, Right; Public Domain

Kohinoor Diamond’s Inclusion in Queen Consort’s Crown Could Spark Controversy

Shortly after Queen Elizabeth II passed away early last month, Twitter trends in India were buzzing with the word ‘Kohinoor’ (also stylized as Koh-i-noor). Literally translating into ‘The Mountain of...
Britain’s Imperial State Crown, made in 1937 with alterations in 1953. (Waterloo barracks, Tower of London). Source: Left;  Right; CC BY-SA 4.0

The Imperial State Crown’s Coffin Ride: History Completes a Chapter

The Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom are symbols of the British monarchy’s regalia and vestments, accumulated over 800 years of English and British history. Part of this collection is the Imperial...
At the Castle of Huarmey in Peru, Polish archaeologists, led by Dr. Milosz Giersz, have found the pre-Hispanic grave of an elite Wari craftsman with rare grave goods, including jewels and tools (photographs of these have not be released yet). Advanced metal artifacts like those in this main image have already been found by Giersz’s team at Huarmey.                       Source: Milosz Giersz / Faculty of Archeology, University of Warsaw

Elite Wari Craftsman With Jewels And Rare Tools Found at Peruvian Site

The intact 1,300-year-old tomb of an elite Wari craftsman tomb was recently discovered at Peru’s well-known Huarmey Castle archaeological complex. It’s “unique” because it belonged to a craftsman,...
The young woman’s coffin and proposed trousseau. Source: CSIC

Teen Mummy was Buried with Bridal Trousseau in Ancient Thebes

Archaeologists have found the bejeweled mummy of a teenage girl in a coffin filled with ancient treasure, which may have been her trousseau, near Luxor, Egypt. The remarkable find dates back over 3,...
The barbarian warrior woman (Image: North Caucasus united archaeolog)

2,000-Year-Old Warrior Woman Discovered with Rare Gems

An ancient warrior woman has been found in the Russian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria wearing rare Roman jewelry. Believed to have been related to a warrior or chieftain, the ancient woman was...
Crowning Glory Long Gone: Recalling the Regalia of Polish Kings

Crowning Glory Long Gone: Recalling the Regalia of Polish Kings

Before World War II, Poland had lots of treasures located in its castles and palaces. Memories of the best times in the rich history of the country are well documented too. However, the regalia of...
"Isolde" (1911) by Gaston Bussiere. Isolde, an Irish princess, and her lover Tristan are the principal characters of a famous medieval romance story that was based on a Celtic legend.

Examining the Rich Tomb of a Mysterious Celtic Princess

Celtic princesses are almost mythical in today’s modern culture. They are often considered as women with mystical talents and hidden stories. A grave discovered beside the Danube River brings much...
Samuel Scott’s painting titled “Action off Cartagena, May 28, 1708,” executed before 1772.

Gold, silver, jewels - Spanish galleon with $1 billion in treasure located off Colombian coast

Underwater explorers in Colombia have found what they believe is the richest shipwreck in the world, The San Jose , a Spanish galleon blown up by the British about 300 years ago, killing most on...