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The Court Jester by John Watson Nicol.  Source: Public Domain

What Life Was Really Like as a Medieval Jester (Video)

Life as a medieval jester encompassed more than whimsical performances; it was a complex role integral to the fabric of courtly life. Despite common misconceptions, jesters were often well-educated...
Geishas, once misunderstood as courtesans, they were the epitome of grace, mastering arts and skills that challenged the stereotypes of their time. Source: Max Ferrero/Adobe Stock

Geishas: The Truth Behind These Fascinating Women (Video)

Unveiling the reality of historical geishas challenges Western stereotypes, dispelling the notion that they were mere courtesans or prostitutes. In contrast to misconceptions, the geisha's life was a...
Roland the Farter’s flatulence was seemingly so impressive that it garnered a gift of land from King Henry I. Painting of The Court Jester by John Watson Nicol, 1895	Source: Public Domain

Roland the Farter: Medieval England’s Celebrity Flatulist

A manor in Suffolk and a whopping 30 acres (12 hectares) of land was given to a person who was renowned for his ability to gas, quite literally, at the behest of King Henry II. Roland le Petour, also...
The Curious And Precarious Life Of A Medieval Jester

The Curious And Precarious Life Of A Medieval Jester

The medieval jester has become an iconoclastic figure in society, regularly appearing in the TV shows, films, and video-games of the modern era. The classic jester, replete with flamboyant colorful...
The Perplexing Horned Helmet of Henry VIII

The Perplexing Horned Helmet of Henry VIII

One of the most bizarre artefacts exhibited today in the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, England, the peculiar horned helmet of Henry VIII has attracted much scholarly attention. Nevertheless, the...
The laughing jester // Art museum of Stockholm, Sweden.

Jokes and Pranks: Here is the April Fools’ Day Origin Story

Every year, people celebrate April Fools’ Day with pranks, practical jokes, and hoaxes. Merriment, cheer, and joviality reign as people poke socially sanctioned fun at one another. This day has been...
The Fool’s Cap Map of the World.

Cartographic Comedy in the 16th century: The Fool’s Cap Map of the World

The Fool’s Cap Map of the World is an engraving of a map of the world, and is thought to have been made towards the end of the 16th century. This map is peculiar as it is framed within the hood /...