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Representation of Pocahontas. Source: likoper / Adobe Stock.

The Heartbreaking True Story of Pocahontas (Video)

The true story of Pocahontas is far from the fairy tale depicted in the Disney movie . Pocahontas, whose real name was Matoaka, was the daughter of Powhatan, the powerful chief of the Powhatan...
Indigenous dogs of America. Source: dinopedia

Dog Meat: Jamestown Colonists Killed and Ate Indigenous Dogs

A new study of dog remains excavated from Jamestown, the first English colony in North America that wasn’t abandoned, presented at the American Association of Biological Anthropologists annual...
A conjectural drawing of the St. Mary's Fort settlement in Maryland in 1634.             Source: Jeffrey R. Parno / Historic St. Mary's City

Remains Of Legendary St. Mary’s Fort Finally Found in Maryland

Archaeologists associated with the preservation organization Historic St. Mary’s City have just announced a major discovery, which they recently unearthed at one of the most heavily explored sites in...
The Coronation of Powhatan’ (circa 1835) by John Cadsby Chapman

Powhatan: The Powerful Native American Chief and His Kingdom

Powhatan was the name of both a powerful Native American chief (king) and the confederacy he ruled at the time of the arrival of English Colonists in Virginia in 1607. Powhatan reigned over several...
Archaeologists Mary Anna Hartley (left) and Bob Chartrand excavating the bones they believe belong to Gov. George Yeardley.

Are These the Headless Remains of Sir George Yeardley, One of America’s First Politicians?

A worldwide team of archaeologists, geneticists, and forensic scientists have been assembled in Jamestown, Virginia to identify the remains of a headless body found in a church dating back to 1617...
The Knight’s Tombstone in Jamestown.

One of Jamestown’s Greatest Mysteries – Who Lies Beneath the Knight’s Tombstone?

A team of archaeologists at Historic Jamestown is attempting to solve one of the biggest mysteries of the first English settlements in America: a knight’s gravestone that has been embedded into the...
3D renderings of the Jamestown skeletons, Jamestown,USA

Archaeologists Identify Remains of the Early Colonists of Jamestown

Scientists conducting a chemical analysis of four skeletons, with the support of information from historical documents, have now identified them as leaders of the first permanent English settlement...