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Was the ever-evolving technological revolution dependent on single-minded genius? Source: Kovalenko I / Adobe Stock

Charting the Role of Prehistoric Genius in Technological Revolution

An English scientist has charted the spread of ancient survival technologies. His awe-inspiring maps reveal how individual ancient geniuses innovated in one place, and how these new ideas spread...
Ancient Muslim man

Ismail al-Jazari: Medieval Muslim Inventor and "Father of Robotics"

The medieval period saw the rise of many new inventions all around the world. Emerging out of the so-called Dark Ages, many prominent scholars and learned minds came up with new inventions to make...
The First Teacher? Study Finds Teaching and Tools Evolved Together

The First Teacher? Study Finds Teaching and Tools Evolved Together

Despite the diverse opinions on the origin of teaching, one thing that remains consistent is the need for effective communication and information dissemination. This is especially evident in academic...
Chinese archeologists excavated two ancient smoke-absorbing bronze lamps that are believed to be about 2,000 years old. Experts said the artifacts may have been the world's first eco-friendly lamps.

Archaeologists Discover 2,000-Year-Old Smoke Absorbing Lamps in Chinese Tomb

Archaeologists in China have made a unique discovery in a cemetery dating to the Western Han Dynasty (221 – 206 BC) – two bronze lamps that could ‘swallow’ smoke. Historians are hailing the discovery...