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Samurai warrior ready for battle. Source: DigitalGenetics / Adobe Stock.

What a Samurai vs. Mongol Battle Really Looked Like (Video)


The clash between the Mongols and Samurai took place between two legendary classes of warriors. Contrary to popular belief, Samurai did not engage in single combat dueling against the Mongols. Instead, they fought as a unit, utilizing their skills in archery and swordsmanship to repel the Mongol invaders. The Samurai's strategy was to target the Mongol horses, which rendered them less effective in battle. Meanwhile, the Mongols utilized their superior horsemanship and tactics, such as feigning retreats to lure the samurai into ambushes. Ultimately, the Mongol invasions were unsuccessful, due in part to the samurai's tenacity and military strategy.

Top image: Samurai warrior ready for battle. Source: DigitalGenetics / Adobe Stock.

By Joanna Gillan



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