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Black magic ritual

Ex-Devil Worshipper Says: I'm Shocked Christians Celebrate Halloween

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Hallowe’en, a shortened form of "All Hallows' Evening" is an echo of Celtic harvest festivals of pre-Christian Europe. Observed now in several countries around the world, it is the evening before ‘All Hallows Day’, when saints (hallows) and martyrs are remembered by people of many Christian denominations. This ritual, however, coincides with (and some scholars suggest co-opted) the ancient observance of Samhain, the traditional Gaelic festival marking the change of seasons and the approach of winter. In the below article, John Ramirez, author of ‘Unmasking the Devil’, presents an unconventional and unpopular view of Halloween, which he calls 'the devil's holiday'.


Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, said: "I am glad that Christian parents let their children worship the devil at least one night out of the year. Welcome to Halloween."

We are quick on our feet to rush and honor the devil in so many ways. We see no harm in Halloween, because we think it is fun. We paint our faces, we wear our innocent costumes, we dress up our doorways—even churches dress up their entryways for Halloween with pumpkins. These actions are like giving the devil license, saying, "Here's my church. You can have it."

We think because we are not performing any demonic rituals or human sacrifices that we are on safe ground, but did you know that as soon as you dress up, whether you color yourself or put on a costume, the enemy owns you? Because by doing so, you have turned over your legal rights, and you have dedicated yourself and your kids to celebrating the devil's holiday. You have just made a pact with the enemy, and you are already sacrificing your children spiritually by dressing them up and changing their identity.

Harmless fun or selling children’s souls to the dark side? (esthermm / Fotolia)

Harmless fun or selling children’s souls to the dark side? (esthermm / Fotolia)

Losing Our Identity

My mind goes back to the night of Oct. 31, 1987, when I had the most diabolical wedding on the planet. My fiancé and I decided to get married on Halloween, in a demonic ritual that lasted all night, and the wedding bells were heard all the way down to the gates of hell.

As devil worshippers, Halloween was very special to us, and we looked forward to celebrating it because we knew the implications and the dark power behind the night. It is very different from every other night in the witchcraft world. It would be like me saying to believers today, "How important to you are Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday?" Halloween has that much weight and importance to those who dwell on the dark side.

I remember the days leading up to Halloween, we devil worshippers had our instructions from the demon world about what had to be done, and we knew it was going to be a long night. I would sleep all day to be rested up and ready for midnight so I could unleash hell on the world into the wee hours of the morning.

Satanic pentacle with candles in a dark ritual (esebene / Fotolia)

Satanic pentacle with candles in a dark ritual (esebene / Fotolia)

Some churches remove the word "Halloween" and call it "harvest" instead, with members dressing up in costumes, giving out candy and bobbing for apples. It saddens my heart. Turning away from this "holiday" is not missing out on anything, so let us get that off our minds.

If they are trying to use certain secular holidays for evangelistic purposes, to win souls, this is the way I would do it as a minister: I would make it a biblical movie night with popcorn and soft drinks for the kids and grownups, and invite friends and family. My intention for the event would be to expose the origin and dangers of Halloween, then turn it into a great movie night, with a small teaching afterward from God's Word about His love and the finished work of the cross. Finally, I would have an altar call and make it a special night for all to remember.

The only harvest we should celebrate is the harvest of souls.

For many who celebrate Halloween, that celebration carries over to Nov. 1, which is also known to some as the Day of the Dead, or All Saints' Day, but there is nothing holy about it—it is demonic.

I am surprised at how the world embraces this holiday, because the title of All Saints' Day is a deceiving one. We have a picture in our minds that it seems holy, but there is nothing innocent about it. This holiday is practiced all throughout South and Central America and distant parts of the world, and even in the United States. To the Spanish culture, it is called Día de Muertos, and they celebrate the dead through rituals and ceremonies and even cemetery visits. YouTube would be a good place to go and see for yourself what this is about. This holiday has nothing holy about it nor anything to do with saints.

Día de Muertos celebrations (jesuschurion57 / Fotolia)

Día de Muertos celebrations (jesuschurion57 / Fotolia)

How Might We Counter this Darkness

As a minister, I would use All Saints' Day to turn the tables on the devil and to celebrate my salvation and the salvation of my family and loved ones. I would use it as an evangelistic opportunity at my church to bring in unsaved people to hear testimonies of God's goodness and how He can transform their lives, too. And that night, I would give the devil a black eye in Jesus' name, because many souls would be saved.

Editor’s Note: Ancient Origins publishes opinion pieces that reflect a range of perspectives on subjects of historical interest. We believe this stimulates healthy discussion, debate, and in some instances, entertainment. Articles published do not necessarily reflect the views of Ancient Origins.

Top image: Black magic ritual (Heartland Arts / Fotolia)

By John Ramirez, author of  Unmasking the Devil



Wait. Is this Ancient Origins or a fundamentalist Christian site?

This man speaks the truth but in your own arrogance and ignorance you stupidly believe the excuses given to hide the fact that Satanists and Satanism are very prevalent in the US all the way to CONgress and heads of BIG Business. The "innocent" people that you naively defend were stone cold busted but since the lying LameStreamMedia is even worse now than then they've managed to dupe idiots into dismissing it all. Halloween is absolutely a Satanic holiday.

"I would sleep all day to be rested up and ready for midnight so I could unleash hell on the world into the wee hours of the morning." Sounds like something straight out of a really bad made for TV movie. I suspect its a complete fabrication.

As others commented Halloween is based in old Celtic traditions and in its current form it is a celebration of imagination and reinvention for young and old alike. My suspicion about the Satanophobia the author is trying to invoke is based in the need for a cult like his to have an evil "other" to keep his followers frightened and obedient.

This would be laughable except such irrationality has gotten people hurt. Look back to the "Satanic Panic" of the 1980's. Alleged experts convinced some in the law enforcement and therapy fields that devil worshipers were lurking everywhere. The result was that a number of innocent people were accused of terrible crimes and had their lives ruined because the evangelical community implanted this false belief. Hopefully people will continue to call out this author and his ilk on their utter nonsense.

If you're stupid enough to deny what this man knows, feel free to stay stupid. In the age of information stupidity is a choice.

I've checked out this site for 3 years, mostly enjoyed the articles but realized they weren't scholarly, literally anyone can write and post one apparently. This is the first time I've felt the need to comment. This is the stupidest article I've read in a long time, and would be funny if deluded evangelicals weren't such a huge factor in American politics and civic life. Having a person of one religion pretend to be one from another is insulting and in this case it is blatantly obvious. I hope he didn't get paid for it, and think anyone who gives this nonsense a platform should be ashamed



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