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Henry I

A Medieval Mass Battle ( AIGen/ Adobe Stock)

The Anarchy: England’s War Of The Two Matildas

Few periods in history have brought women to the fore, to the centre of events, as the Anarchy did in England. From 1135 to 1154, conflict raged when Stephen of Blois usurped the throne that...
Marriage of Guinivere (Public Domain)

King Henry I’s Illegitimate Daughters, Pawns In A Dynastic Strategy

Familial identity and affinity were crucial factors in the establishment of an aristocrat’s social and political contexts, defining to a significant extent their place and interactions within the...
The ruins of Reading Abbey and Forbury Park in 2020. (Marie / Adobe Stock)

Restoring The Ruins Of Reading Abbey, Resting Place Of Kings

Reading Abbey was once one of the largest monastic complexes in the British Isles. It was one of the pinnacles of religious life in England and the burial place of King Henry I . Located on a pilgrim...
Carlisle Castle is known as the most besieged castle in Britain. Source: stocksolutions

Carlisle Castle: The Most Besieged Castle in Britain

Said to be “the most besieged place in the British Isles,” Carlisle Castle was built towards the end of the 11th century in the border city of Carlisle in the north of England. The site has seen a...
A Bitter Brotherly Feud: Henry I And His Turbulent Rise To The Throne

A Bitter Brotherly Feud: Henry I And His Turbulent Rise To The Throne

After his dazzlingly fast conquest of England, William the Conqueror became one of the most powerful rulers in Europe. Just, decisive, and unyielding, he certainly left a big task for all his...
The abbey gateway at the now ruined Reading Abbey in a Paul Sandby oil painting from 1808. Source: Public domain

Reading Abbey: Ruins Are A Reminder of Medieval Religious Strife

Reading Abbey was erected in 1121 in the town of Reading within in the county of Berkshire, England. It was a royal monastery established by King Henry I to pay homage to his ancestors and his...
A metal detector and shovel on the beach with coins that might be rare medieval coins. You never know!        Source: andrewbalcombe / Adobe Stock

British Metal Detectorists Find 3 Rare Medieval Coins Worth Thousands!

Three lucky metal detectorists in Britain have uncovered three incredibly rare medieval coins . Two were found by teenage enthusiasts and the third was found by a family. And all these lucky...
The Rufus Stone in the New Forest, England, from sometime between 1890 and 1900. (Public Domain)

The Rufus Stone: Memorial to William Rufus, Unpopular Norman King of England

The Rufus Stone is a memorial in the New Forest, England . The stone is alleged to mark the location where William II, the second Norman king of England, met his death. In reality, however, the exact...