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The three connected earthwork henges at Thornborough. Source: English Heritage

Thornborough Henges: England’s Majestic Stonehenge of the North Finally Opened to the Public

As the culmination of several years of sensitive negotiations, the preservation organizations Historic England and English Heritage have finally secured ownership and full control of two-thirds of...
Majestic sunrise at Castlerigg Stone Circle in the Lake District, one of many sites located on ley lines. Source: Danoz/Adobe Stock

Ley Hunters: Were Bronze Age Britons Really Following Ley Lines?

Google Earth is an amazingly useful tool for investigators to explore the sacred landscapes of prehistoric Britain. For sure, its accuracy cannot be denied. Indeed, one can even survey and measure...
Remains of Knowlton church and henge (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Measuring Up The Mega And Mini-Henges Of Neolithic Britain

The dictionary description of a ‘henge’ as “ a circular area, often containing a circle of stones or sometimes wooden posts, dating from the Neolithic and Bronze Ages ,” fails to depart that these...