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Medieval Maverick: Roger Bacon's Quest for Knowledge and Truth

In the Middle Ages, knowledge was largely limited to what could be gleaned from ancient texts and the teachings of the church. However, there were those who refused to accept the limitations of their...
Close up of "fumarola" on top of Vulcano Island, Sicily. Earliest dates of sulfur mining were at this fumarole. Source: Zapatisthack by Adobe Stock

Seeking Brimstone: Why Has Mankind Been Mining Sulfur for Millennia?

Throughout the ages, sulfur has been a highly versatile and indispensable element, utilized by humans for a myriad of purposes. With its striking yellow crystalline solid appearance, this non-metal...
Medieval gunpowder recipes were far from perfected and led to many explosive accidents. Source: photosampler / Adobe Stock

Medieval Gunpowder Recipes Blasted In New Experiment

Researchers have recreated and exploded a series of medieval gunpowder recipes. A new paper shows that through trial and error so-called ‘black powder’ was developed, with some economic setbacks...
The Fascinating History of Medieval Castles: From Emergence to Obsoletion

The Fascinating History of Medieval Castles: From Emergence to Obsoletion

Medieval castles are one of the most iconic buildings of the Middle Ages , especially in Western Europe. During this period, the castle served generally as the residence of a king, or the lord of the...
Iga-ryu Ninja Museum, shows how ninjas concealed and booby trapped their weapons.

Fly and Violently Dance: The Explosive History of Alchemists, Knights and Ninjas

The first European records of gunpowder were written in the 13th century by Roger Bacon, the English philosopher and Franciscan friar who was believed by many to have been a wizard. In 1248, a...
A reconstruction of a hwacha.

The Powerful Hwacha: An Early Korean Rocket Launcher

The hwacha (which roughly translates as fire chariot ) is a type of weapon developed in Korea, and used by its army on the field of battle. This weapon is best known for its deployment during the...