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Guillotine. Source: zef art / Adobe Stock.

Blood and Blades: The Gruesome Reality of Witnessing the Guillotine (Video)

The guillotine - a so-called "humane" killing machine - was used to execute countless individuals during the French Revolution . Its swift, efficient method of death sparked a shift in public...
The Chapelle Expiatoire, a chapel in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, where supposed Reign of Terror victims were found in a wall.      Source: Guilhem Vellut from Paris, France / CC BY 2.0

Reign of Terror Victims Found Hidden in the Walls of a Paris Church

Evidence of Reign of Terror victims found hidden in the walls of a Paris church is changing the narrative of one of the bloodiest episodes in modern European history. It is now believed that many of...
Fort Diamant.

Fort Diamant, A Little French Gem in South America

The presence of France has been documented in the Caribbean and Latin America for centuries. Today, French Guiana, located in South America , is part of France and the only territory of the mainland...
Decapitation of King Louis XVI

DNA test on bloody gourd reveals it is not from decapitated King Louis XVI

A new study published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports has cast doubt on a centuries-old belief that the blood contained in a decorated gourd (container made from a hard-shelled fruit)...