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Spot the robotic guard dog, built by Boston Dynamics, is now working at the Pompeii Archaeological Park as a security guard dog and also as an engineering inspection dog. 	Source: Pompeii Archaeological Park

Pompeii Ruins Now To Be Protected by Robotic Guard Dog

Meet Spot, the robotic guard dog now patrolling the ruins of Pompeii. In 2013, Pompeii was declared by UNESCO as being on the verge of being declared unsafe unless Italian authorities spent more...
Modern Representation of a Varangian Guard.

Varangian Guard: Bodyguards and Berserkers of the Byzantine Empire

Read Part 1 The tale of the Varangians continues in its prime in the form of the Varangian Guard, a prominent and selective Byzantine army arising in the 10th century. Composed of the Scandinavian...
The terracotta warrior that was damaged whilst on loan to Franklin Institute in Pennsylvania.

Thumbs Down for American Man Who Damaged $4.5 million Artifact

A 24-year-old American man was arrested by the FBI for breaking off and then stealing part of a $4.5 million Terracotta Warrior, according to a report in . Selfie Shame On the 21st...
Egypt Wine Guards

Egyptian Grape Guards Ancient Contract Decoded

I agree that I have made a contract with you on the condition that I guard your property, a vineyard near the village Panoouei, from the present day until vintage and transport, so that there be no...