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Drawing of the grave of the female individual with an artificially modified skull in grave 192 from Havor, Hablingbo parish, Gotland. Source: ©Mirosław Kuźma / Matthias Toplak 2019 / Current Swedish Archaeology

Ancient Trends in Viking Body Modification Revealed in Gotland Burials

The examination of skeletal remains from cemeteries on Sweden's Baltic Sea island of Gotland has revealed evidence of Viking body modification among the Norse people, shedding light on practices...
Swedish warship. Source: pyty / Adobe Stock.

This Swedish King Built a Warship That Redefined Naval Combat (Video)

In a dramatic departure from the maritime norms of his era, Eric XIV of Sweden unveiled a groundbreaking approach to naval warfare. Traditionally, battles at sea involved grappling and close quarters...
Victim of the Battle of Visby in 1361. Source: Gotland Excursion

The Harrowing Remains of the Battle of Visby's Medieval Massacre

The Battle of Visby was a violent medieval battle near the town of Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland, fought between the inhabitants of Gotland and the Danes, with the latter emerging victorious...
Torneamentum knights are Sweden’s coronavirus knights that “guard” Gotland to stop the spread of COVID-19 on this extremely popular tourist island.		Source: Torneamentum

Sweden’s Coronavirus Knights Battle COVID-19 at Gotland Tourist Mecca

Sweden’s coronavirus knights battle COVID-19 at the tourist mecca of Gotland , Sweden. The island of Gotland was first inhabited by early Neolithic farmers between 8000 and 6000 years ago, depending...
A man of the Pitted Ware Culture in the tomb field of Ajvide in Gotland represents a typical burial. Source: Åsa Malmberg, (Uppsala University)

Mystery of Sweden’s Stone Age Cultures Unraveled with Genetics

Scientists in Sweden have completed a multidisciplinary genetic and archaeological study that provides clarity to the mysterious cross-cultural influences found in the grave sites of Stone Age...
Tjelvar’s Grave – Ship-shaped stone setting burial site, Gotland

A Bronze Age Burial Steeped in Legend: What Makes the Ship-Shaped Tjelvar's Grave Unique?

Gotland, Sweden’s largest island, is home to medieval churches, cathedral ruins, as well as numerous pre-historic sites. The archaeological and historical sites that pepper this land make up a...
The Mastermyr Chest.

Perfected Designs 1000 Years Ago? The Mastermyr Chest and the Timelessness of Everyday Tools

In archaeology, the most enduring and ubiquitous artifacts are often everyday items such as pots and simple tools. These items also tend to be used for the longest period of time. Even though the...