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Gorham’s Cave

Neanderthal engravings in Gorham’s Cave, Gibraltar. Credit: Stewart Finlayson, courtesy of  Gibraltar Museum.

Gorham’s Cave: Did Neanderthals Create Art? (Video)

The enigmatic past of Neanderthals has long intrigued researchers, raising questions about their cognitive abilities and creative expressions. Nestled within the depths of Gorham's Cave , just off...
Illustration of Neanderthal Man Cut Deer with Stone Tool (Roni / Adobe Stock)

Complex Neanderthal Technology Driven by Paleo Dietary Needs

Modern man’s closest human relatives were Neanderthals - that famed ancient species pronounced with a ’t’ rather than a ‘th’, - with their defining large faces, angled cheek bones and broad noses...
Neanderthal (Homo neanderthalensis) footprint in the Natural History Museum in Prague.

Young Neanderthal Footprint Found in Gibraltar is Only the Second Example in the World

The sand sheets in the rampant dunes above Catalan Bay in Gibraltar are a relic of the last glaciation, when the sea level was up to 120 meters below present levels and a great field of dunes...