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Roman Street Scene by Ettore Forti (late 19th century) (Public Domain)

Matrons, Plebeians And Prostitutes, The Women Of Ancient Rome

Rome was the very essence of a male dominated society, being militaristic, proud, go-getting and determined on expansion. The man of the house, the Paterfamilias, was the head of the family with...
Women Gladiators: Sensational Spectator Sport For Roman Audiences

Women Gladiators: Sensational Spectator Sport For Roman Audiences

It may all have started when female sword fighters performed at funerals in the very early days of Rome. There may also be some connection between women participating in chariot racing and women...
Gladiatrix. Source: Julien / Adobe Stock.

The Gladiatrix: Unleashing the Power of Women in Ancient Rome's Bloodiest Arena (Video)

The Colosseum in ancient Rome was a symbol of strength, courage, and honor. For nearly three decades, gladiatorial combat had been the ultimate expression of Roman values, where men battled each...
The helmet of a gladiator

Gladiator Helmets: Fit for Purpose, Not Just Protection

The gladiator is most likely the first image one calls to mind when thinking about entertainment in ancient Rome. As most would already know, gladiators fought either each other or wild animals, in...
Arde Lucus Gladiatrix

Gladiatrix: Female Fighters Offered Lewd Entertainment in Ancient Rome

Female gladiators (gladiatrix) were just a thing of legend for many years. However, decades of research have made it possible to finally confirm their existence and importance in the Ancient Roman...