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Decorating fabric in Gambia. Source:  s-aznar / Adobe Stock.

The Man Keeping an Ancient Craft Alive in Gambia (Video)

In Gambia, Musa Jaiteh is keeping an ancient craft alive by using traditional techniques to create vibrant tie-dyed fabrics with natural dyes made from kola nuts and indigo leaves. While many...
Kunta Kinteh Island in Gambia. Source: s-aznar / Adobe Stock

Kunta Kinteh - The African Island at the Heart of the Slave Trade

Not many people know of the Gambia. The smallest country of mainland Africa, this small nation can seem quite unremarkable at first glance, being confined only to the length of the Gambia River and...
Senegambian Stone Circles

The incredible Senegambian Stone Circles

Throughout human history, mankind has been passionate about building impressive monuments. Very often, this is achieved by building something that is the largest, highest, longest, most expensive,...