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An artist's rendering of the hypothetical impact of a planet like Theia and Earth. (Public Domain)

Theia—Greek Goddess of Light, the Sun, the Moon, and Wisdom

The Olympian gods are well known to most people in the Western world. A lesser-known deity is Theia. Theia is the primordial Greek goddess of light. She was considered one of the Titans. She is said...
Speculative illustration of ancient Delphi by French architect Albert Tournaire (1894) (Public Domain)

Legends Of The Oracle Of Delphi At The Centre Of The World

The ancient Greek city of Delphi, located on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, was home to the main Temple of Apollo and the renowned Oracle of Delphi . According to legend, the site was identified by...
In the wars between the Olympians and the Titans, known as the Titanomachy, Hyperion, the heavenly light, does battle with Zeus, the sky and thunder god. Source: rudall30 / Adobe Stock

Hyperion: Titan God of Heavenly Light, Son of Gaia and Uranus

In Disney’s 1997 film Hercules , the Titans are portrayed as natural disasters personified in the form of monolithic, terrible beings. In Greek mythology, however, the Titans were part of the first...
The high priestess, Oracle of Delphi, Pythia

Pythia: Oracle and High Priestess of Delphi

Perhaps one of the most famous prophecies uttered by a Pythia, Oracle of Delphi, is that of Croesus’ defeat by the Persian Empire. According to Herodotus, Croesus , the king of the Lydians wanted to...

The Hell of Tartarus, Ancient Greek Prison of the Damned

Tartarus is the infernal abyss of Greek mythology, which is used as a pit of suffering for the wicked and as a dungeon for the Titans. It is also the name of a deity, a primordial being that existed...
Earth painted on face. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. Gaia reminds us of our connection with the living Earth.

Gaia: Recognizing Our Role on a Living Earth

In the early 1960s, renowned chemist Dr. James Lovelock was approached by NASA to develop systems and methods that could be used in determining whether or not a planet harbored life. Specifically,...
The symbol of mythical God Thaumas is the reflective translucence of the sea.

Thaumas and Electra: Unity of the Wonder of the Sea and Sparkling Light Bears Jason’s Tormentors

In Greek mythology, Thaumas is believed to be an ancient sea god and further is regarded to be the personification of the wonders of the sea. Although little is known today about this mysterious sea...

Gaia: The Greek Earth Goddess Had No Tolerance for Cruel Family Members

According to the ancient Greeks, Gaia was a primordial deity and the personification of the Earth. In fact, her name can actually be translated to mean ‘land’ or ‘earth’. In Greek mythology, Gaia was...