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History by it's Very Nature is Elusive

As I said before Ancient History can’t be preserved in a way that reveals all we want to know simply because over time evidence is lost, eroded ,destroyed  through natural forces including the passage of time ! People guessing isn’t helpful. Frauds and hoaxes confuse things further. People treating their own non-evidence based opinions as valid facts are also part of the problem. It should always be remembered that human beings are prone to flights of fancy and possess imagination. It is both a gift and a flaw but without it we would not have our rich legacy of myths and legends and fairy tales. Once treking through a forest in the evening with several teenagers on a hiking trip ,a crackling sound convinced them that there was a giant beast following us . In a matter of minutes some people swore they could see it . Soon terror had them imagining “Big Foot” .It turned out to be a stray puppy hoping for a snack  !  It was a good lesson ! On another occassion a stray feral cat at dusk appeared to the hiking party as a Giant Cat ! Everyone was convinced it the legendary black panther the locals swore lived in the woods. Even I was momentarily excited .Our photo’s reviewed the next morning revealed an ordinary cat. It’s proximity to a fence post demonstrating it’s small size. Interestingly some people refused this proof ! They still insist they saw “the Panther” ...Very large smelly creatures often turn out to be cats, feral pigs or lost dogs or even other people etc but people see what they want to see !


Giant Footprints Discovered Globally

Hi All,

Let's look at this particular debate surrounding Giant Footprints found seemingly all over the World. The fact that All of The Ancient World; testifies to this Giantic possible not necessarily Giant Phenomenon since Everybody maintained seeing them maybe it's Time to accept that Cyclops, Giant's, & Ogres of course teeny tiny beings that seemed to prefer living alongside of the giants that walked The Earth, somehow they had to have existed.

The footprints might not be considered definite proof but, it's a start. I do know in my favorite Biblical Text Enoch, The Scribe, The Prophet, 7th Generation from Adam that Earth was older but, was referenced too by another name that felt too me how old Earth is estimated to be.

I've come to the conclusion of not declaring how the Ancient World testified to how Earth was and the people that inhabitated Earth described as Giant's, an or Titan's (too me that description is scary to think of) but, since I wasn't there living in that Era, I can't say that It didn't happen the way significant events that took place on Earth is described.

So I believe in The Giant Footprints what hope is never found Titan's and teeny tiny human beings they don't seem to be a friendly bunch.

This is what I think of the Giant Footprints and the meaning if this mysterious Civilization Historians, Scholars and Scientist debate. So next time, Everyone, Goodbye!

Recent Science changes past Knowledge

Hi Zucchini, I really wanted to reply to your post because you seem so earnest and sincerely seemed to want to say something ,but your post is a little confusing . However it seems you are relying on the bible and other ancient texts and so I hope you can understand that these are not reliable sources of information ; not because the people who wrote them were dishonest or lying but because Science and other technologies needed to interpret their findings was not advanced enough nor was education available to everyone and there was no shared data base of knowledge as there is now… people in the past had to guess and they often made mistakes.They relied on rumours and stories (and stories change on every telling)….Often mammoth bones were believed to be those of Giants ! Dinosaur foot prints appeared to be proof of dragons . The prints of left by prehistoric Giant bears and Sloths were misinterpreted as belonging to Giant people ! But none of these things were true even though people at the time believed them ! In 2021 we must view these old writings as of historic interest ,but not as accurate evidence. There are many mysteries and many will remain unsolved ,but we know the biblical idea of the earths age is not accurate because radiometric dating was not around then.  The Earth is around  5.54 billion years old give or take 50 million years. Don’t forget the earth was in a molten state before it cooled down so the oldest rocks we have ever found are 4.03 billion years old (In Canada). It may interest you to know that the first person who attributed the date of the earth according to the bible was a man - Archibishop James Ussher who was born in 1581 who by reading Genesis made  calculations he deduced the earth to be created about 4 ,000 years before Christ . In the 19th century EVERY bible included his calculations although the original bible had no such information in it ! Many modern copies of the bible no longer include Usshers calculations mainly because he was wrong !


Giant Footprints Discovered Globally

Hi 4 Cassandra,

For me The Bible will always be my reference point on the other hand I'm sorry and knowing me I might wind up confusing you more it's funny when I write on different Subjects and Topics makes sense to me, I'll try and see if I can clear the confusion not intentional by the way.

No I was referring too our Ancient Ancestors and what they've said about The Race of Giant's and or Titan's that once Walked the Earth that essentially I believe Them simply because they were there an I was not this is how I feel I recognize that everybodies not going to agree with me.

As for my approach with referencing The Bible, I know The Bible just not as well I thought with recognizing the incredible testimony of Enoch. I know Science approaches The Science World minus The Bible, it's not me.

So back too Giant Foot Prints possibly dating back too Billions of years where as before I would never pay.much attention to the Billion year existence of Earth; had it not been for my discovery, of Enoch I'd never accept this finding.

I mean I thought Giant's were only in The Bible and that they existed in Canaan only it never occurred to me on a International consensus Giant's existed everywhere. I've been Watching Stories on Indigenous People's here in America on ytube relate their Ancestors stories about these Giant's in Question.

After, taking Native American Literature for children in a Library Class the class had to do research on Por qui stories.

We had to research a lot websites for these Porqui stories online upon my Instructors instructions.

From one of these websites that visited an yes those website are still available online (search for them through Google, if interested), I read a letter on one of the websites by someone who shared people who are not of The Indigenous People's teach these Porqui Stories as Myth's when in fact, The Indigenous People believe in these Porqui Oral Stories the way Christians believe in Creation.

So if anyone is interested there's a Porqui Oral Story by The Sioux on ytube one can watch the story unfold, too this telling of A Evil Giant that was Hungry and Never satisfied, I'll look the story up and share it with you soon 4Cassandra.

The Indigenous People who lived here in the America's long before Columbus would know what was happening in their own backyards so they say A Race of Giant's once lived long ago then those Giant's inevitably left behind Footprints.

This is how I see it again I stress I know not everyone would agree with this assessment. Until next time 4Cassandra, Goodbye!

Bible as a reference

I am sorry but this is one of the worst historical references out there (2nd to King Arthur by Geoffrey of Monmouth). The problem lies with dates. The earliest of the Hebrew texts used were not written down until the 2nd covenant around the 7th century BCE. Even though it is said King David ordered the texts to be written down, no evidence of that happening has been found. And, the early texts we do have place the earliest by linguistic style and verbage used. Then, the earliest “bible” was not until 325 CE at the Council of Nicaea at the request of Constantine. That bible is lost or none existance and some many years later, another council was held, long after Constantine’s death (and more importantly, the deaths of those present. At the 2nd council, one Coptic Bishop “said” he remembered all the texts used because he was a boy in the service of a bishop who had a copy (50 copies were said to have been ordered made, but no evidence that more than one was even put together). The texts used do not date before Josephus’ diary about the crucifixion of Jews (not jesus) by Romans in 69-70 CE, which, interestingly enough contains a record of 3 jews being crucified which were aquaintences of his and he evidently vouched for them and they were cut down, but only one lived, and I will bet his name was Yeshua bar Abbas. There is no other record earlier than this of anyone with a name similar to Yeshua being crucifird. There was a pretender to the messiah myth of the jews and he was Simon of Peraea (might be interesting to know where that name came from since he was describe by recorded records as the son of a capenter. 

Now, when it comes to formalizing the bible, that didn’t happen til the 6-7th century by church officials and translations in the 10-11th centuries from latin and greek into other languages like old English. Which is the basis for the KJV. The RC and GO versions were kept as they determined before that but after the fall of the Roman Empire. 

So, believe what you want, but facts are, the 10 commandments are a vastly abridged version of the spell/prayer 125 of the Egyptianj Book of the Dead, all of genesis appears to be a reworking (plagiarism) of the Sumerian Epic Poems of 2000-3000 BCE (both long before the hebrews stopped worshipping the golden cow amoung other dieties and decided they needed only one as Akhenaten suggested). This is known and provable facts with actual dates and places which the bible cannot produce without barrowing from other stories and the only thing they can claim is that one king, and one governor existed, but cannot produce the pharaoh or real evidence for a exodus and the hebrews cannot have built the pyramids because they were still unorganized nomadic tribes with different gods when the pyramids were built. Which they have a very accurate date for regardless of what Ancient Aliens and Georgio says. Learn real history that I learned and was taught, or provide sources to substanciate your claims outside the bible which is in a recognised historical or  archaeological journal or book.  

Giant Footprints Discovered Globally

Hi Refamat,

The Bible as a point of reference works for me; I know everyone else will not see it that way, and that's cool. Okay, so until next time, Refamat I look forward to reading more on Giant Foot Prints that date back Billions of year's Goodbye!

I prefer Science & you prefer myths

Hi Zucchini,

I’m really sorry but I find your  writing style confusing with it’s lack of grammar and often unusual sentence structure (this is just an observation and not a critisism of you) I really appreciate the time you took to write and respond unfortunately we don’t share any essential middle ground for conversation. You view the bible as factual and I do not. I prefer science and evidence and you prefer stories and legends without evidence. I am very interested in myths and legends and indigenous stories and many of them contain tiny grains of truth ,but a tiny grain of truth is not enough for me ! I want facts. There isn’t an International consensus that Giants exist ! There are myths and stories about Giants in almost every cultute and country but that is not proof they existed. Without science the world; indeed the universe was a very strange place. People feel uncomfortable and insecure without understanding and knowing things. Gaps in knowledge combined with human beings desire to make sense of the world and our amazing imaginations ,produced stories to fill in those gaps .Stories that are shared and  believed in create security and help create community and culture. Even with Science much of the world and the universe it is mysterious and much remains unknown ,which is why it is so important to stick to facts  . We can still preserve, protect and appreciate the myths and legends and stories told by our ancestors but we need to remember them, in the context that may stories were retold over and over across vast distances of both time and geography with each person changing the story in the re-telling . We must remind ourselves that the people that created these stories did not have the technology or the science to understand their world the way we can now. For example many cultures believed thunder and lightening were caused by Gods and Demons fighting in the Heavans  but we all know that isn’t true ! :) 


Giant Footprints Discovered Globally

Hi 4Cassandra,

As I promised I did search for those websites I had to look for as a Class Assignment by my instructor Teaching Native American Literature for Children and that Ytube Video I'd mention A Giant Story from The Lakota also known as The Sioux.

First ytube video The Story of The Giant's -Lakota Legends-motivational-3D the video is 10:26.

Second ytube video Giant's in America & Native American Bible Prophecy 37:07.

On to those online sites I re-visited Native American Pourquoi stories (I keep scrambling up the spelling of Pourquoi it's not intentional),

American Indian's in Children's Literature which was established in 2006, by Dr. Debbie Reese of Namb´e Pueblo; Thursday 02, 2006 at 8:04AM. Children's

Traditional Tales: American Indian Heritage Colorin, Colorado
Here's a story I read for that class assignment
Horned Toad and Giant's.
The Spider Tower
The Weird Sentinel at Squawk Peak

There's even an Canadian Website for Indigenous People's in Canada.

I hope you do check these out oh by the way do you recall me mentioning an, Letter that addressed about Pourquoi Tales by Indigenous Peoples? It was Dr. Debbie Reese Namb´e who wrote that Letter it's on her blog but, it is also online.

American Indian's Children Literature as mentioned earlier she wrote it November 02, 2006

This is all I have to share with you so far as of now 4Cassandra just wanted you to know that I appreciated your feedback in the discussion so until next time, Goodbye!

Giant Footprints Discovered Globally

Hi 4Cassandra,

Speaking of Science 4Cassansra, I neglected to ask of you what do you think about DNA?

I Hope to here from you soon so until next time, 4Cassandra Goodbye!

very interesting information

very interesting information

Born a truth-seeker.

Giant Footprints Discovered Globally

Hi Alec,

My conclusion is that Giant's walked the Earth, I don't suppose those Footprints has been effectively measured are plastered that's been seen around the World?

When I went to camp pre-teen year's I got to do a plaster cast of a deer footprint that was exciting I still have it by the way.

I do remember the Giant foot print found in South Africa, I noted how elongated that human Foot appeared to be; however, since Math isn't my strong suit, I will not attempt the estimate.

I do wonder if anyone happen to plaster the Footprint in South Africa.

I suppose all those plaster cast feet of Big Foot might reveal A Giant's, Footprint possible measurement's.

Look not that long ago I searched on ytube video lectures on Giant's the one that stood out is The History of Giant's I, II, III all three run about 20 minutes.

From the heights of these Giant's brought up by the video's themselves; however, I'm thinking the footprints themselves should be bigger the Footprints currently being found Globally seems awfully small elongated nevertheless, still small.

What I'm getting from these specific Footprints though some do appear to be bigger we maybe looking at our Ancient Ancestors Foot Prints instead.

I hope two sets of Giant Footprints can indicate whether these giant's stood somewhere at 8 feet too hopefully 12 feet.

I just thought of something I'm going to look up something on an old ABC News report I saw I believe 17-18 year's old I'll share it when I find it Alec.

This is all I've got too share about Giant's Footprints Globally; I apologize if I didn't answer your question so please let me know and on that note so until next time, Alec Goodbye!


If anyone is truly interested in the history of peoples responses and beliefs in regards to alleged Giant Footprints throughout time, this is a great resource



Folklore is just that. Oral legends told over the centuries with nothing substanciated. The only reference to giants I know of that might be investigatable is the one about the red headed “giants” that the Ute’s killed off in a legend handed down, and then an unsubstanciated story of a rancher and crew finding a cave with “giant” skeletons of 7, maybe up to 9 ft long, that the rancher and crew buried or hid the cave. But just a story so far but surely not the giants that made millions or billions of years old foot prints. In Granite. But only non-scientists take pictures or videos (most are religious looking for validation).


Giant Footprints Discovered Globally

Hi Refamat,

This is what I will say all of The Indigenous People's have related Oral stories about what transpired when the U.S. Soldiers sent to various People came and forcibly remove Them from their Ancestral Home's and on to Reservation's.

My point Before The arrival of Europeans Indigenous People's has maintained from Their Oral History that there once existed A Race of White Giant's.

Some of the Giant's are described as Red Head's other's were Blond and a interesting detail regarding these Giant's in Question some had Double Rows of teeth or even Triple rows of Teeth, They all had Six Fingers and Six Toes accept for Judahcula according too The Cherokee He had Seven fingers so probably He had Seven Toes.

All of The People's has said that Europeans in comparison were Pygmies here's the thing George Washington was 6 foot 2, Thomas Jefferson 6 foot 3, James Monroe 6 foot 2, Abraham Lincoln he grew pass 6 foot 3, Andrew Jackson well he was a Six footer.

In terms of Height that's not very big in comparison to what The People's are describing these Giant's so Europeans were Pygmies an chances are they would have eaten them too.

I'm astonished for the simple reason that The Indigenous Peoples identify these Race of Giant's by Tribe. To me saying Tribe is a specific detail; so let me take a moment to share 8 of their name's with you Refamat which I have so far.

One more tidbit my spelling may be a bit off in writing their name's so bare with me.

Akageagankak>Yupik Indian Giant's

Avin>Alesa Incan Giant's

Basket Ogress>Northwest Coast Indian Giantess

Caodajo>Coldo Indian Giant's

Desasits>Shoshone Indian Giant's

Gray Giant's>Mavajo Indian Giant's

Ice Giant's>Algonquian Indian Giant's

Kee-Waka>Webanaki Indian Giant's

It is said that they were cannibals another persistent detail.

This is all I have to share now on the subject but, about those Footprints we would need the Indigenous People's to show us where those Footprints could be. Next time, Refamat.

Folklore is Folklore

Yes Refamat ...I know folklore is just folklore which is why I posted the link because too many people on this site seemn to think folklore is fact ! While some folklore may contain tiny seeds of truth for the most part it is a beautiful record of how the human mind tries to make sense of things without science :)



Giants in the stars

From what I can tell, legends about “giants” are mostly Astro-myths. Even Adam was a giant who spanned the sky in the midrashim. Most legendary giants and titans are centered around the constellation of Orion.

Giant Footprints Discovered Globally

Hi ledom,

Funny you should mention Astro & Orion's Belt; because Chief Joseph River Wind of The Arawak People their The People's who first met Columbus in 1492, and thus began the Indigenous People's Holocaust.

Chief Joseph says that All of The Indigenous People's has Oral Stories of Giant's; He is not aware of any Tribe that doesn't have any Giant Stories.

Getting into Orions Belt ledom and Astro History; Chief Joseph was taught through Oral History; that the Seven Sister's which is today's Pleiades, an The Warriors Belt, today Orion's Belt, came The Star People.

The Warrior's Belt, is where These Star People come's from arriving on Earth, these Star People made themselves out to Earth's inhabitants appear godlike.

Chief Joseph's People were at first awed by these visitors after, seeing them display their abilities; The Arawak's reference too their abilities is Big Medicine.

Once these Deceptive Star People were thoroughly embedded in to The Live's of The People of Earth, they then proceeded to subjugate The Women of the Earth, an father children through these unfortunate women.

The Women did not survive these endeavors by The Star People, they died giving birth to Those Race of Giant's; that reminds me Astronomy, The Constellations, and Orion's Belt that was taught to The People of The Earth through these Star People.

Chief Joseph ascertain that it was these Race of Giant's that built everything present in The America's like the Mounds and The Pyramids because at that time people simply didn't have the kind of Technology it took to build these great wonders.

Chief Joseph does say that later Indigenous Tribes built stuff but, not in the same manner as the incredible building's by The Giant's.

These Giant's are described as barbaric, Sadistic, an Cruel. How cruel? In a narrative from Georgia once Territory to The Cherokee till The Indian Act of 1830, an The Trail of Tear's, a Giant lived besides The Cherokee People.

He was infamously known for picking an human being up biting there head off then holding up the unfortunate victim too drink their blood like they were an soda bottle and I for one am glad they are no longer here.

Interesting point that caught my attention apparently; There was a Great Flood that was caused to Kill off these Race of Giant's though it seems a few Giant's did Survive the Great Deluge.

Chief Joseph shared an Oral Story told by The Mohawks if memory serves me correct they would be The Iroquois; got fed up with Giant's who lived in fortified cities (I know where are the cities?), Allegenies in Pennsylvania.

Mohawks had a War Council to take on These Giant's but, most of The Iroquois refused they were forced to pay tribute to The Giant's; only The Huron agreed to fight, and so The Mohawks and The Huron made a Treaty that has lasted to this day.

The Battle wasn't easy but, The Mohawks and The Huron who feel through Their Spiritual Belief won the day and killed these Giant's The Huron buried Them.

The Huron knows where there bodies are so they would know where The Giant Footprints are located as well.

About written History The Mohawks did write the account of the War against these Giant's it's on a leather strip in terms of Timeline the History of This battle goes back by at least 1,000 year's.

Here's an idea why not we simply ask of The Indigenous People regarding these Race of Giant's about these perceived Impossibility of Giant's having existed.

So this is all I wish to share with you ledom on the Giant Footprints Discovered Globally it was your Astro Myth that caught my attention an Orion's Belt. Next time, Goodbye!

Chief who?

Jose Rivera (AKA Joseph Riverwind); Claims to be the chief of the extinct Arawak Taino tribe; First he claimed to be a Seminole of the Wind Clan, then he claimed to be a Cherokee of the Wolf Clan, now he's claiming…….    Maybe you should check your sources. 

Giant Footprints Discovered Globally

Hi Refamat,

Considering what I've just learned by watching Film maker Raoul Peck HBO Documentary 4 part series Exterminate All The Brutes it's a shock anyone of Us exists at all.

Scary part this is still going on in 2021; so how long has it been since, 1492?

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