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What’s the Meaning of Giant Footprints Found Around the World?

Stories and tales about gigantic beings inhabiting the Earth occur in almost all ancient cultures and several continue to exist today. Giant human-shaped footprints have been discovered around the world and they are often thought to be millions, if not billions, of years old.

For example, in August 2016, a giant human-shaped footprint was discovered by a group of photographers in Pingyan village in Guizhou, China. By the following month numerous websites had published similar stories that contributed to the believability of the account of the giant footprint. The footprint was said to be 57 cm long, 20 cm wide, and 3 cm deep. Found fossilized in rock, it was dated back to the prehistoric era. This discovery was monumental and controversial and it left many historians and scientists alike questioning what we know of human history and evolution.

Are these giant footprints modern hoaxes? Could they have come from giant humans roaming the earth in the distant past? Or maybe there’s another explanation. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding these discoveries, but no certainty yet. What do you think?

Giant footprints

Possibly the giant prehistoric ape, Gigantopiticus. The forrprint looks more like an ape than a human

You can't leave footprints in granite

The foot print in China is in granite so it can’t be a giant prehistoric ape or a hominid or ANY living ling because Granite exists in two states magma or solid and it becomes solid kilometers below the earth and is only revealed by massive uplifting events and weathering long after setting solid and nothing can leave a footprint in it ever… it has to be a hoax


foot prints

I think you nailed at least the granite ones Cassandra.  

giant footprints

I agree about granite. Only way I can see this to happen is a giant makes a footprint in the underworld on hot granite, and through uplifting it is visible in our world. Granite is “plastic” in the underworld, much hotter, and the underworld reality, with giants there, is described in all religeous and ancient text: Sumerian, Greek, Roman, Bible, etc, etc. I’ll bet there weren’t too many footprints, as that giant got off the rocks FAST! Maybe the big flood cooled him down, and wrenched the megolith upward at the same tiime!!??

Lawrence Martinez


You appear to not have read about the underworld so much. Only in Greek and later, Roman were there issues about “Hades and the world he ruled”. The Egyptians and Sumerians had a very clear understanding of the underworld. Flames only really came into the picture later on to scare children to worship.


I didn’t say anything about flames. But the Sumerians and Egyptians had mythologized the Underworld. If you took the giant footprint in magma as serious, well...

Lawrence Martinez


You didn’t have to. You implied an “underworld” with molten rock, anything combustable flashes into flames...I do not believe in an underworld, just the geological processes within the earth

Gigantic anthropoid footprints

Fossil footprints are relatively rare compared to fossil bones. If there are footprints, then where are the bones? Footprints would be relatively easy to hoax compared to fossils of bones. So, until fossilised bones are found, I remain skeptical.

giant bones

Giant’s bones have been discovered through archaeology. You must have seen them by now. Really. 12-15 foot specimins, Pictures. Unbelievable? yeah, except… look it up!

Lawrence Martinez

Giant Bones

You didn’t realize those were photoshopped 

giant bones

Why would documentaries show those photoshoped pictures, for sensationalism? They could be easily discretited, laughed at and scorned into not doing any more documentaries. I am working off, and believing the correlation of these documentaries claims and actual claims in biblical, Sumerian and greek text that giants existed. Look up the online streaming channel GAIA. It has much information...or bullshit for you to laugh at if you so please.

Lawrence Martinez


“documentaries” or money making shows? GAIA is a farce and not any more credible than Ken Ham is. When I say sources, I mean accredited articles, documentaries, and books. Not sensationalism by Georgio and any of the other Ufologists.

have you seen the youtube

have you seen the youtube channel “mud fossil university”, quite interesting

Giant Footprint can't be Billions of years old

Firstly Giant foot prints can’t possibly be billions of years old because the earth is only 4.5 billion years old. Secondly the alleged foot print in China was found  in granite . Common sense tells you that you can’t leave foot prints in granite ! Firstly It exists as molten magma or it is solid and neither state can create the conditions for  a foot print !  Secondly granite forms several kilometers below the earth surface and is only revealed after massive geological upheaval and weathering long after it has hardened  ! Even if the granite was 200 million years as some sources suggests ,no living thing can leave foot prints in granite (and there were no mammals then any way let alone hominids) . The discovery in China did NOT perplex any bonafide geologists or scientists who knew instantly it had to be a hoax .


giant footprints

Carbon dating is bs. Carbon dating is effective to only 8,000 years, and only on organic matter. Any other dating is extrapolation through what exists through faulty science dating attempts. Guesses. That is it. Theories. That is it. No positive analysis and proof. The great flood messed up and confused anyone looking through the leftover geological detritus. So… when you are looking at stuff from the perspective of science, I believe you can “misunderstand” their placement of anything over  at least 100,000 years, because they really don’t know. I know, I know, the Earth is suppose to be 4.5 something billion years it?

Lawrence Martinez


You sure are full of knowledge...jJust 20 years ago, I was taught they were carbon dating to 80,000 years and radioactive decay is very sound since it is correlated with newer and older geological events dated with similar processes to verify. And flooding does nothing to any dating technique. Melting does. Not water. So why don’t you post your references for your information.


Giant footprints

At least some of those giant footprints might very well belonged to extraterrestrial beings maybe to those from the Sirius planet known to have lived on Earth in ancient times.They were very tall as it appears in the Akashic Records.

Science please

While I subscribe fully to the fact that the universe is a  mysterious place  and am not at all adverse to unusual ideas that are still not accepted by mainstream such as telethapy etc in terms of Giant footprints we still have to be scientific.The footprint referred to in the original post in Guizhou, China was in Granite and no being ,extraterrestrial or otherwise can leave a footprint in granite because it  forms kilometers below the earth as magma (and molten rock acceps no form) and once it reaches the surface of the earth through violent tectonic activity and revealed by weathering or other events it is solid.Sirius is not a planet ,but a class A star much hotter than our sun and about 17,000 degrees farenheight (9,500 C) with 26 x the energy of our son so NOTHING lived or lives there (and even if there were”things that could sustain endless nuclear fusions on Sirius caused by hydrogen being converted to helium they wouldn’t have feet !!!! ) ...and as “The Akashic records” (if you believe in them and I do not) are accessed only through the subconscious you should be aware of the inconsistant and unprovable nature of them .Sadly thinking a thought does not make it a fact…..


giant footprints

You definitely have knowledge. The aformentioned “from Sirius” means a planet orbiting Sirius. The Sumerian and Egyptian text refer to beings from Sirius that have had some kind of war or displacement and came to Earth. The Sumerian text has a king’s list written in stone dating their existence on earth for more then 80,000 years, as leaders here of ancient civilizations wherein they made mankind to do the work of agriculture and building. I am skeptical also, but I have read some of the text. I conclude the thousands of year old civilization actually believed this pre flood “myth” and wrote it down on stone tablets. It is very intriguing.

Lawrence Martinez

Giant Footprints Discovered Globally

Hi elemjayem,

I noticed you'd mention Sirius reference by The Sumerians and The Egyptians, I guess my question is Sirius also known as Orions Belt? Is Sirius near Pleiades? I'm not kidding around I am genuinely intrigued okay, elemjayem, so until next time, Goodbye!


If you follow the 3 stars in Orion’s belt, it points to Sirius, the brightest star in the sky (except Venus). It was associated with the annual floods in Persia and Egypt (not Babylon). In ancient Babylon Sirius was represented by an arrow constellation. It represented both Isis and Ishtar. People, families, and cities were associated with constellations for various reasons which are why zodiacs are called houses. It does not mean folks came from that region of space. As time went by it was clear the meaning became confused and legends rose up that people were from Sirius or the Pleiades. They are not.

Giant Footprints Discovered Globally

Hi ledom,

Thank you ledom for letting me know much appreciate; so until next time, ledom Goodbye!

giant footprints

Tom Shaver


Cassandra is correct.  These foorprints are clearly hoaxes or due to weathering.  It  is a shame that sites like this promote ignorance in order to get clicks.

Facts are always more interesting

Yes is a great pity to promote easily provable hoaxes when facts are always more interesting. A lot of information on this site is really interesting ,but including hoaxes which as you point out  fosters and relies upon ignorance it ,totally undermines the credibility of the entire site  . It’s like adding mud to clear water !                    


Giant Footprints

To date, no footprint (evidence of giants), ark, or other story from the Torah or the bible has been proven to be real. None of them. Ken Ham uses real fossil giant turtle flippers as fosil giant hands, but you should look at the shape of the fossil and see that it indeed has the shape of a flipper and not a hand. Ham has gotten rich off of gulible people, as have many televangelists around the world. They prey on the gulible and needy. They count on you wanting to believe in god. Believe in a god if you want, but do not ever blieve in what the shucksters tell you.


Giant Footprints

Wood has been found on Mt. Arrat that dates to the time of the flood.

Wood on Mt Arrat

Nothing, I repeat, nothing, has been proven. All the claimed “ship shaped” forms seen in satellite photos have not been found to be other than natural rock formations. All wood claimed to come from the mountain could be from anywhere, nothing documented in an expedition has been brought forth, and Turkey has closed any further investigations because they keep getting proven as false finds and for the Islamic world, that cannot be so no one gets to prove or disprove anything.


Sasquatch sightings/footprints

Scores of people up to the preesent day have reported pictures of similar footprints & sightings of large hairy man-like creatures in the woods who are very stealthy and there have been numerous videos made of them, they bury their dead in remote wilderness areas. Mainly from hunters and fisherman, hikers, but other random encounters. How can thousands and thousands of people be making this up? I invite people to check out YouTube “thefactshowtohunt” by Steve Isdahl who is a hunter guide who shares people’s encounters with these beings. Although I personally have never encountered them myself , after listening to many of the accounts , I think they are real!


Sasquatch sightings/footprints

Sorry, to date, no proven footprint, hair, body, bones or other has been presented. All these hunters, fishermen, and “searchers” have failed to bring back real evidence. And, a sasquatch would not leave a “giant” footprint  so large a human foot is dwarfed by it. The largest ape ever, Gigantopithecus, is far smaller than these “footprints” yet we have fossils of them, but not of sasquatch or biblical giants. That is the difference, one existed, the others do not


Bigfoot Hair

If I recall a DNA test was done on a supposed Yeti hair. It tested as a species of an unknown bear if I recall, perhaps a hybrid or “extinct” species.

Bigfoot hair

ledom, there was one expert analysis that identified hair evidence as coming from a decendant animal from a long ago Himalayan bear – Polar bear hybrid. It was later said by someone else, another expert, that the identification was mistaken. We are in the hands of the experts in the various fields. They know more than us no doubt, but maybe still not enough to accept without nervous reservation. Experts have been waging war from their respective diffferent standpoints regarding the specifics of homid descent for quite some time now, for instance. 


Thinking something does not make it so

Sorry Joe ...You ask (quote) “how can thousands and thousands of people be making this up ?“ In the middle ages  thousands and thousands of people reported seeing their  neighbours flying on broomsticks (and also flying on monkeys and pigs !) and cavorting naked with the devil (often in mid air !!!) and suckling bats like infants etc This resulted in thousands of people being burnt at the stake as a witch. Interestingly none of these witches took the opportunity to escape on their flying brooms or  magical monkeys or pigs, nor did they levitate out of reach and the devil didn’t rescue them ;instead they died truly horrific deaths  by being burnt alive simply because so many people like yourself  thought “How can thousands and thousands of people be making this up ?”  But that is exactly what happened.The human brain is a strange thing ; easily influenced , prone to embelishment and capable of distorting reality . I was a witness in a bank robbery. 3 of us were held at gun point by 2 men including  me. You would think such an event would be easy to recall ,but the 3 of us gave astoundingly different descriptions of the men involved . All the details from clothing to appearance to ethnicity varied. Each one of us remembered the SAME event differently .In fact one witness insisted there were 3 men . The police were frustrated ,but told us it was often the case (which leads me to wonder about Police line-ups)… my point is that just because someone says something it doesn’t make it true and just because you think something, doesn’t make it real  and interestingly the more someone repeats a story the truer it appears , but “appears” is the key word here !…….Sadly the more anecdotal the evidence is the less likely it is to be true. Think about it ! Lots of sightings of Bigfoot and Bigfoot foot prints ; thousands in fact, but no fecal matter , no body remains,no bones or teeth , no hair or fur snagged on a tree (any fur found has turned out to be a curious mix of several animals often including  dog and monkey), no DNA traces left ,not even in supposed abandoned meals and no shelters or bedding found etc ?  Does that make sense to you ? The fact that bigfoot foot prints aren’t found by scientific people who actually want to find them and I’m talking about people with the expert knowledge to do so, people capable of finding very rare animals is a big red flag ! Too many Bigfoot foot prints are neat and tidy without the splayed toes barefoot hominids have…..I have yet to see any convincing evidence for Bigfoot and I would love Bigfoot to be true !


Big Foot creature is from an alternate reality

Good response and you observed there hasn’t been any traces of these creatures found in the millions of sightings but peope are definitely witnessing something all over the planet and that can’t be denied. From that I believe these are actual some sort of beings that pop in and out of our reality at will for some unknown purpose. We can use science or metaphysics in dealing with this but I believe the best approach is to keep an open mind until it is resolved one way or another or as I always say “keep one foot outside the box always”.



Born a truth-seeker.

Listen, people have been

Listen, people have been talking about Cassandra and her extraordinary gifts and insights for centuries. Not one of her predictions ever turned out 100% unequivocally on the ball. Any pronouncement of Cassandra that seemed to be true only seemed that way because people WANTED it to be true. They WANTED to believe. 


Giant foot prints

I believe there have been other civilizations before ours on earth, footprints or not. Compelling witnesses are the amount of huge temples and other marks in stone, that none other than most civilized people, most possibly extraterrestrians some of whom giants, could have formed. I don´t think the individual foot prints have any special meaning more than someone big took a walk.

Giant foot prints

I agree that there were civilazation before ours. They were as, if not more, advanced than we are today. Many people try to fit history into evolution by ignoring anything that does not follow the paridigm. Pole shifts can erase a lot of people, culture, and artifacts. We know they have happened before, and will again if we are honest with ourselves. Giants could have existed in another history of earth, some may have survived into our era, but not enough to propagate the species.

Question everthing

Other Civilizations

The only proven early civilizations are in China, Africa, and India/Pakistan. And they were either well documented, being, documented, or need to be documented. The other so called formations amount to nothing if no signs of habitation are found, which they haven’t found. Atlantis is most suredly a civilization destroyed when Thera (now known as Santorini) erupted 3500-3600 years ago or so. Plato was mistranslated or misinformed, and since he was in no way a first hand witness, but instead, a many times over reteller of a oral legend and not a documented story, it is pretty sure to have been a Mycenaean Greece city. No other proof has been presented, just ideas. 

Big Foot is from an alternate reality

I believe these large creatures often called big foot or sasquatch have been visiting Earth from alternate realities as long as there have been beings living here. Their presence has been report on every single continent for thousands of years and isn’t it strange no body has ever been found? This is a big hint for me they do not come from here and will never be caught because their senses are very advnaced to evade us at will. I believe they have a mission on Earth to help and not hostile or violent in any way. This is my perception of these creatures. 

Bigfoot and another dimension

No evidence of either. Other dimensions are no more than mathematical musing. The same math that says there are other dimensions also allows for a universe that is a hologram, a universe that is a computer program, and multiple universes. There is only one math that disputes all these and it uses logic and is seldom referenced because they cannot make the other mathematics work under this one mathematic’s rules. So, you can believe what you want, but when it all is said and done, you have been believing in musings by science fiction writers since Mark Twain wrote the first time travel story. The rest comes from ancient religions and the way people have interpeted the meanings of such over the last 5-6 thousand years. You cannot distinguish reality from made for TV entertainment.


Why Aliens in Sumeria

I love the theories of giant aliens living in Sumeria making human mine gold for them. Seriously, why the swamps of Iraq? If I was an alien I would be out on the beach in California listening to the Beach Boys, kicking back a cool Pina Colada while humans mined gold at Sutter’s Mill. For entertainment we could watch sabre tooth tigers struggle to get out of tar pits. My proof is that there are zero people who are living on the beach in California trying to figure out how they can retire to a swamp in Iraq and live with the Marsh Arabs.


Very entertaining! See folks, y’all can take a lighter side here. On my part, I WAS on the beach in LA listening to the Beach Boys, but there it diverges. I was only thinking of visiting the LaBrea Tar Pits and I had NO IDEA what a Pina Colada was. 50 years ago.

Lawrence Martinez


50 years ago I was station in Malibu and visited Venice (when it still had flooded canals) and Zuma beaches. I saw Dr Hook at Pepperdine Malibu, I scuba dived of the private beaches in Malibu. But I do not believe in Giants other than those reported by the Utes and supposedly found and covered up by a rancher. The cyclops were an imagined giant based on a Manmouth skull, A hippogriff on a protoceretops, sea monsters likely were oarfish, and krakens (giant squid) washed up on shores in the ancient past as they do today that measure 30 or more feet total. Unicorns are a breed of sheep from North Africa with Narwhal tusks superimposed for effect by ancient sailors. 

Very large noisy smelly creatures

I agree our ancient and current history has not been adequately preserved and reported as there are too many self interests that gladly hijack it for their own purposes. I have decided to change big foot and all other names to “Very large noisy smelly creatures” just to mix things up a little on this highly conroversial topic and to see what comments it draws. Have a great day on the universe!

History by it's Very Nature is Elusive

As I said before Ancient History can’t be preserved in a way that reveals all we want to know simply because over time evidence is lost, eroded ,destroyed  through natural forces including the passage of time ! People guessing isn’t helpful. Frauds and hoaxes confuse things further. People treating their own non-evidence based opinions as valid facts are also part of the problem. It should always be remembered that human beings are prone to flights of fancy and possess imagination. It is both a gift and a flaw but without it we would not have our rich legacy of myths and legends and fairy tales. Once treking through a forest in the evening with several teenagers on a hiking trip ,a crackling sound convinced them that there was a giant beast following us . In a matter of minutes some people swore they could see it . Soon terror had them imagining “Big Foot” .It turned out to be a stray puppy hoping for a snack  !  It was a good lesson ! On another occassion a stray feral cat at dusk appeared to the hiking party as a Giant Cat ! Everyone was convinced it the legendary black panther the locals swore lived in the woods. Even I was momentarily excited .Our photo’s reviewed the next morning revealed an ordinary cat. It’s proximity to a fence post demonstrating it’s small size. Interestingly some people refused this proof ! They still insist they saw “the Panther” ...Very large smelly creatures often turn out to be cats, feral pigs or lost dogs or even other people etc but people see what they want to see !


Giant Footprints Discovered Globally

Hi All,

Let's look at this particular debate surrounding Giant Footprints found seemingly all over the World. The fact that All of The Ancient World; testifies to this Giantic possible not necessarily Giant Phenomenon since Everybody maintained seeing them maybe it's Time to accept that Cyclops, Giant's, & Ogres of course teeny tiny beings that seemed to prefer living alongside of the giants that walked The Earth, somehow they had to have existed.

The footprints might not be considered definite proof but, it's a start. I do know in my favorite Biblical Text Enoch, The Scribe, The Prophet, 7th Generation from Adam that Earth was older but, was referenced too by another name that felt too me how old Earth is estimated to be.

I've come to the conclusion of not declaring how the Ancient World testified to how Earth was and the people that inhabitated Earth described as Giant's, an or Titan's (too me that description is scary to think of) but, since I wasn't there living in that Era, I can't say that It didn't happen the way significant events that took place on Earth is described.

So I believe in The Giant Footprints what hope is never found Titan's and teeny tiny human beings they don't seem to be a friendly bunch.

This is what I think of the Giant Footprints and the meaning if this mysterious Civilization Historians, Scholars and Scientist debate. So next time, Everyone, Goodbye!

Recent Science changes past Knowledge

Hi Zucchini, I really wanted to reply to your post because you seem so earnest and sincerely seemed to want to say something ,but your post is a little confusing . However it seems you are relying on the bible and other ancient texts and so I hope you can understand that these are not reliable sources of information ; not because the people who wrote them were dishonest or lying but because Science and other technologies needed to interpret their findings was not advanced enough nor was education available to everyone and there was no shared data base of knowledge as there is now… people in the past had to guess and they often made mistakes.They relied on rumours and stories (and stories change on every telling)….Often mammoth bones were believed to be those of Giants ! Dinosaur foot prints appeared to be proof of dragons . The prints of left by prehistoric Giant bears and Sloths were misinterpreted as belonging to Giant people ! But none of these things were true even though people at the time believed them ! In 2021 we must view these old writings as of historic interest ,but not as accurate evidence. There are many mysteries and many will remain unsolved ,but we know the biblical idea of the earths age is not accurate because radiometric dating was not around then.  The Earth is around  5.54 billion years old give or take 50 million years. Don’t forget the earth was in a molten state before it cooled down so the oldest rocks we have ever found are 4.03 billion years old (In Canada). It may interest you to know that the first person who attributed the date of the earth according to the bible was a man - Archibishop James Ussher who was born in 1581 who by reading Genesis made  calculations he deduced the earth to be created about 4 ,000 years before Christ . In the 19th century EVERY bible included his calculations although the original bible had no such information in it ! Many modern copies of the bible no longer include Usshers calculations mainly because he was wrong !


Giant Footprints Discovered Globally

Hi 4 Cassandra,

For me The Bible will always be my reference point on the other hand I'm sorry and knowing me I might wind up confusing you more it's funny when I write on different Subjects and Topics makes sense to me, I'll try and see if I can clear the confusion not intentional by the way.

No I was referring too our Ancient Ancestors and what they've said about The Race of Giant's and or Titan's that once Walked the Earth that essentially I believe Them simply because they were there an I was not this is how I feel I recognize that everybodies not going to agree with me.

As for my approach with referencing The Bible, I know The Bible just not as well I thought with recognizing the incredible testimony of Enoch. I know Science approaches The Science World minus The Bible, it's not me.

So back too Giant Foot Prints possibly dating back too Billions of years where as before I would never pay.much attention to the Billion year existence of Earth; had it not been for my discovery, of Enoch I'd never accept this finding.

I mean I thought Giant's were only in The Bible and that they existed in Canaan only it never occurred to me on a International consensus Giant's existed everywhere. I've been Watching Stories on Indigenous People's here in America on ytube relate their Ancestors stories about these Giant's in Question.

After, taking Native American Literature for children in a Library Class the class had to do research on Por qui stories.

We had to research a lot websites for these Porqui stories online upon my Instructors instructions.

From one of these websites that visited an yes those website are still available online (search for them through Google, if interested), I read a letter on one of the websites by someone who shared people who are not of The Indigenous People's teach these Porqui Stories as Myth's when in fact, The Indigenous People believe in these Porqui Oral Stories the way Christians believe in Creation.

So if anyone is interested there's a Porqui Oral Story by The Sioux on ytube one can watch the story unfold, too this telling of A Evil Giant that was Hungry and Never satisfied, I'll look the story up and share it with you soon 4Cassandra.

The Indigenous People who lived here in the America's long before Columbus would know what was happening in their own backyards so they say A Race of Giant's once lived long ago then those Giant's inevitably left behind Footprints.

This is how I see it again I stress I know not everyone would agree with this assessment. Until next time 4Cassandra, Goodbye!

Bible as a reference

I am sorry but this is one of the worst historical references out there (2nd to King Arthur by Geoffrey of Monmouth). The problem lies with dates. The earliest of the Hebrew texts used were not written down until the 2nd covenant around the 7th century BCE. Even though it is said King David ordered the texts to be written down, no evidence of that happening has been found. And, the early texts we do have place the earliest by linguistic style and verbage used. Then, the earliest “bible” was not until 325 CE at the Council of Nicaea at the request of Constantine. That bible is lost or none existance and some many years later, another council was held, long after Constantine’s death (and more importantly, the deaths of those present. At the 2nd council, one Coptic Bishop “said” he remembered all the texts used because he was a boy in the service of a bishop who had a copy (50 copies were said to have been ordered made, but no evidence that more than one was even put together). The texts used do not date before Josephus’ diary about the crucifixion of Jews (not jesus) by Romans in 69-70 CE, which, interestingly enough contains a record of 3 jews being crucified which were aquaintences of his and he evidently vouched for them and they were cut down, but only one lived, and I will bet his name was Yeshua bar Abbas. There is no other record earlier than this of anyone with a name similar to Yeshua being crucifird. There was a pretender to the messiah myth of the jews and he was Simon of Peraea (might be interesting to know where that name came from since he was describe by recorded records as the son of a capenter. 

Now, when it comes to formalizing the bible, that didn’t happen til the 6-7th century by church officials and translations in the 10-11th centuries from latin and greek into other languages like old English. Which is the basis for the KJV. The RC and GO versions were kept as they determined before that but after the fall of the Roman Empire. 

So, believe what you want, but facts are, the 10 commandments are a vastly abridged version of the spell/prayer 125 of the Egyptianj Book of the Dead, all of genesis appears to be a reworking (plagiarism) of the Sumerian Epic Poems of 2000-3000 BCE (both long before the hebrews stopped worshipping the golden cow amoung other dieties and decided they needed only one as Akhenaten suggested). This is known and provable facts with actual dates and places which the bible cannot produce without barrowing from other stories and the only thing they can claim is that one king, and one governor existed, but cannot produce the pharaoh or real evidence for a exodus and the hebrews cannot have built the pyramids because they were still unorganized nomadic tribes with different gods when the pyramids were built. Which they have a very accurate date for regardless of what Ancient Aliens and Georgio says. Learn real history that I learned and was taught, or provide sources to substanciate your claims outside the bible which is in a recognised historical or  archaeological journal or book.