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Richard III DNA shows British Royal family may not have royal bloodline

I found another interseting bit of news today! This one about the Royal family!! I'm not very familiar with all of the family members listed in the article, but it is pretty interesting.

Well this isn't the only

Well this isn't the only skeleton in the royal closet I'm afraid.  Here's yet another than most people don't know.  The royal family's surname today is Windsor, however, they did not adopt that name until WW2.  Prior to that the royal name was Saxe-Corburg, a clearly GERMAN surname.  They changed the surname in order to avoid any associations, real or contrived, with Hitler's Nazi Germany.  

British Royal Family

Sorry Roberto you are wrong the name was changed by George V in July 1917 from Saxe/Coburg & Gotha to Windsor,  nothing whatsoever to do with Hitler.

As Richard III was a Plantagenet and the last of that line, it is hardly suprising that today's royal family does not have Plantagenet DNA.

LOL you are absolutely

LOL you are absolutely correct Aphrodite.  It was due to anti-German sentiments in the British Empire during WW1.  You get an "A."


British Royal Family

Thanks Roberto, the "A" will come in useful lol