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What’s Behind Increasing Paranormal Activity? / Tell Us Your Best Ghost Story

Recently there has been an increase of people reporting that they are quarantining with ghosts. Have you ever had a personal experience with strange, unexplained sights or sounds, which could be called paranormal activity? What is the best ghost story you know? Science has offered some possible explanations for ghost sightings, but what do you think best explains these strange events?

What do I think explains

What do I think explains supernatural events or the like? We are the universe experiencing itself? What if the universe was us experiencing itself?

The supernatural, or even God, the universe learning and growing as it goes along same as people.


Have “I” had a ghost experience? The real question is when have I not had a Ghost experience. My Longest continuous Ghost experienced happened in the late 70’’s On a small Island in Northern Michigan Famous for being full of old Graveyards. Mackinac Island. While visiting my girl freind and I decided to walk around the whole Island at dusk. Before long I noticed a ew pirate up in front of us. We keep walking in there direction. I was waiting to see her freak out. She never saw them. After passing several hundred of them I decided to let one with a sword in his hand walk straight through me. Neither or we reacted. By the time we got back to the hotel- there is no car allowed on the Island- we passed them everywhere. They tried their best to get our attention. There were so many I finally was afraid I may have upset there balance. I told several of them Directly to go get another body at the hospital. There is none on the Island. They have been stranded there for 300 years give or take. Maybe they are afriad of the open water? If you get up that way send a few of them off the Island to a new life. It Is “I.”


Donnie whenever I have been in a place where there are a lot of spirits with unresolved issues hanging around I sing to them. I sing to them messages like, “It’s safe to head towards the light, don’t hang around here any more because the event that holds you here is over now, go towards the light and begin your life of love and light” or words to that effect. I don’t really know if it helps confused spirits to talk to them like that but it is worth a try.


For me it is not a belief but an EVIDENCE

I am Medium Clairsentience, Passeur of Souls, I have a very strong communication with Beings of Light and Shadow but always at the service of Light. I see and feel presences very strongly. I send them back to the Light. So no doubt ... The Human World, Earth, what humans believe to be true is very, very far from being (here is a play in the image of Groundhog Day). The films are much closer to the truth, moreover, they are written by Beings of Light and Shadow who breathe ideas into human ears. As for my experience…. Several Angels laughed at me while borrowing a human vehicle ... Archangel Cassiel came to say hi on my terrace. This time, he didn't borrow a human vehicle, he showed up as a ghostly spirit. I would say this is my best Another World (THE REAL WORLD) moment that I have ever experienced. And the reason why we are experiencing these phenomena more and more are simple… The vibratory rate of the Earth increased in 2012. So our environment is less and less low… less and less loaded. However, there have never been so many spirits caught up in the lower astral. Thanks to purifiers like me, an energetic household is happening… More than ever… This household is necessary to bring us to the fourth dimension, the Age of Aquarius… So when you have presences… don't be afraid, give them your ears to know what they must finish to reach the Light (example: Ghost Whisperer). Guide them towards it. Their families and friends of all their lives are waiting for them there. Their forgiveness has been made. They will hug them as if nothing ever happened (so to speak). Guide them to the Light, where the Father assists them with the purest LOVE.

P.S. : I am French, this is a Google translation


I definitely don’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural. Nothing has ever been proven under scientific scrunity. 


Hi Gregsed56, it is well that many people want to see cold, hard evidence before they believe anything. Every type of person is necessary in this world to keep the cycle of life going. However you might like to consider this: Once a girl was telling her friend that she loved God. Her friend told her that there is no god, such a thing has not been proven to exist. The girl then said to her friend: “Do you love your father” The friend answered: “Of course I love my Dad!” The girl then said: “Prove to me that there is such a thing as love!” Most of us know how powerful love is but it cannot be seen and it cannot be scientifically proven to exist.


Covid Hauntings & the Supernatural

Well Scientific Scrutiny only really examines the physical world/universe not what’s outside it. It’s very difficult if not impossible to prove the exsistance of or examine a dimension that's totally outside our own. Maybe though, through Mathematical Theory.   


In 1972, I was living with my parents, going to a community college. One day, I returned from school, removed the book I was reading (Magister Ludi, by Herman Hesse) from my book bag, and threw it on my bed. It landed in the middle of the built-in bed, I saw it there. I twisted around, threw my bag in the closet, and turned back. The book was gone. I checked the bed thoroughly, stripping it, and checking the built-in drawers underneath it. It has never been found.

I have had many paper products disappear over the years, from the script of a play I was in, to 100 copies of my military transfer orders, to other books.

Ghosts? You tell me.


I have had things disappear

I have had things disappear and turned the house upside down. Then, months later, where I've already looked, the item turns up again. I put it down to trickster spirits like the fair folk.

I have had two similar

I have had two similar disappearances but the objects came back a couple of hours later, without anyone else being in the house.

I tested for poltergeists but found none.  Poltergeists typically occur with pubescent girls and there was none in the area.

Later I read that humans can accidentally jump between parallel timelines that look almost identical and then jump back without knowing.

Since then I have tested my dreams and they are often on parallel timelines – where well known people look rather different.


There is a beautiful

There is a beautiful waterfall ½ mile up the road from my house in North Carolina that is reputed to have a powerful healing spirit near it.  People hang packets of tobacco wrapped in red cloth tied to trees at the base of the waterfall as offerings to this spirit.  One day I was sitting on a large boulder at the base of the waterfall and started playing my Indian drum..which is accepted by some as a way to call spirits.  Suddenly all around me I heard multiple drums which lasted about 20 minutes.  It was magical.


I have been a Paranormal Researcher since I was 12 years old and I’m over 50 years old now, In my lifetime I’d had alot of ghost’s sightings, shadow people and voice’s captured on my recorders. I have been a Paranormal Researcher long before it got to be cool. Seen alot of strange things in the places I’ve investigated. I have had my hair touched, my face, my hands,my clothes tugged at, even whisper’s in my ear. There is more out in the universe than most people want to admit to. I don’t do any investigating of anything demonic. The most recent thing to happen was I laying on the bed one morning and decided to lay my eye glasses down on top of the comforter. Also put my cell phone right beside my eye glasses, Mind you, both my eye glasses and cell phone was in no way going to fall off the bed. I got off the bed to see what our dog was barking at as I was standing in our bedroom’s doorway and I can see our front room. When I turned around and looked on the bed both my eyeglasses and cell phone were gone. I proceed to look everywhere, even under the bed etc, then I asked for my eye glases and cell phone to be returned. I went to the kitchen and got a glass of water and came back. When I looked on the bed both my eye glasses and cell phone were back on top of the comforter. I then said, Thank you. This has not happen again since that time. But do remember that there are things out there that can hurt you. 

I have also been touched by

I have also been touched by spirits and heard them whisper things, I learnt information that I never would have if they hadn't led me to it, names I'd never heard of. I've also had more than one shared experience of seeing unexplained lights and a huge UFO.

Paranormal Activity

Hello Alicia,
Hello All,

I can't talk long I'm preparing for my next class but, I will say Alicia is yes I do believe in ghost.

The Old King James Bible used to say when The Disciples were struggling in the boat at a time when Jesus was mediating with The Father in prayer that a sudden storm blew up over The Sea of Galilee.

Noticing His Disciples were in trouble The Bible says He went to them by Walking on the Sea. When His Disciples caught sight of him they knew not who He was and determined that He must be a Ghost, but, Jesus told them still walking on Water right before Peter decided He wanted to Walk on Water with the Savior that "Ghost don't have bones".

I've not seen ghost but my family Root's are in places in The South for Southern African Americans Ghost are real and there is one ghost in particular acknowledged by The African American Faith's.

Baptism preachers say I know Baptize you in The Name of the Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost true other Churches say Holy Spirit.

There is a family ghost story that my grandmother told me it happened when my mom was little. The family was at a Park one day for a Church social and a little child ran out in to the street after their ball no surprise they got hit by a car and was killed the child was about my mom's age.

The problem was after that incident; people in my family kept seeing the child that was killed at the park, initially they didn't do anything about the situation because the child stayed away from the crowds it kept going back to the place where they had died; so essentially they didn't know they were dead.

Then one day the child ran up to my grandmother and put their hand in her hand my mom took my grandmother's hand back that's when Grandmom told the little child my mom belonged to her that she needed to go.

That very night (it had to happen at night) the whole family came to the spot where the child was killed the street cleaners hadn't been able to get the Blood from out of the Street.

The family said a prayer on that spot and that's when my grandmother told the child that they were dead and that they needed to go where they're supposed to be, you can't be here anymore; after the memory service in the street at night, which meant not too much car traffic, it happened that the child was no longer seen at the Park.

I think in some cases Ghost may not know that they're dead like the child because the death was so un-expected.

I can give a second example.

A aunt of mine always had these feelings at least she did till she had children, and so asked God to remove it, so it wouldn't pass on to her children; so my aunt had these feelings.

One night she felt utter sadness which foretold her something really awful was about to happen.

She and my uncle got into their Apartment and barely made it upstairs when a three person car wreck happened down in the middle of the street so that was why my aunt was experiencing those bad feelings of dread.

My uncle went to give first Aid to everyone that was in the bad car wreck but, unfortunately an 18 year old girl died at the scene, everyone else from the accident made it to the hospital.

Normally that would have been the end accept for what happened for the next three months. It was because of the 18 year old she didn't know she was dead.

My aunt told me at the exact hour to the minute when that horrific car wreck happened every night she would come and my aunt could hear her crying in the middle of the street picture it this was happening with the girl for 3 month's.

Finally my aunt couldn't take it anymore there was a nice Priest that my Aunt and Uncle knew ( my uncle was catholic) and they talked to him about what was going on in the street without question "The Father" gathered somethings up my aunt accompanied the priest to the spot He gave a last rites to her but both my aunt and the Priest told the girl that she was dead and she needed to be elsewhere right now and then they prayed for her soul again this was at night around midnight that's when she died.

After that with The Priest my aunt never heard the 18 year old again interestingly one of the neighbors who lived opposite of the Apartment that my aunt and uncle lived in saw them coming back my aunt, my uncle, an the Priest and said that Girl Gone Now?

Which was affirmed by the Priest later it turned out the 18 year old and well her family were all Catholic; so bringing in the Priest turned out to the best idea ever.

Those are the ghost stories I'm aware of that took place with my immediate family.

There's no doubt science can answer the world's most puzzling question in this case with this specific ghost stories I'll chalk this family story up to the better unknown, but, I'd maintain in some cases Ghost sometimes don't know that their dead.

I watched Hacksaw Ridge and their was a scene where Desmond Doss and a buddy were in a fox hole together Desmond drifted to sleep then had nightmare about being over run.

Apparently dreams like that often occur a lot in a War Zone the thing is know one has time to consider that who their looking at are ghost.

Desmond and his friend were surrounded by dead bodies; in the scene the point is those were ghost and the ghost were still at War even in death. At least that is how I see it.

There are places in the United States where people's houses had once Bern Civil War Hospital's, or worse some houses were built right in the middle of a battlefield during The Civil War Unsolved Mysteries talks about it all the time in various episode's.

That's all I have about Ghost and again I believe in The Holy Ghost which is apart of The Holy Trinity, so until next time Alicia and all at Ancient Origins Goodbye!


I grew up in an Anglican Rectory in Sydney – we didn’t know about such things until the 80s. The Bible teaches that there are spirits, or angelic beings, which can interact with our realm. Angels are God’s messengers/servants, and their visits have been steadily increasing onver recent decades. Demons, or evil spirits, are those angels who rebelled against God in the Fall, and are twisted deceitful and wholly evil, regardless of how they choose to present themselves. Ghosts, as in former human spirits, DO NOT EXIST. Whta people are experiencing is a demonic deception – a demon mimicing a former human, My Father and I have both been involved over the years cleansing houses through prayer – any Christian who knows their authority can. Mediums and occultists meddle in the demonic realm only, whatever their claims to the contrary, and interacting with the occult AALWAYS opens you up to demonic assault or oppression. We have seen hundreds of peopke over the years who were demonised at some level, from mild illnesses/habits, to full-blown possession – with strange voices speaking through them and so on. This stuff is very real, and VERY dangerous.

Ghost Paranormal

Hello Paul,

That's essentially what is taught in The Adventist Church regarding the State of the Dead.

I still feel there is an exception to the rule because in some cases like experiences that some of my close immediate family members have had in their lifetime; some people who has died might not be aware, their Dead.

It's more common when the death is particularly violent like in the cases of a car wreck, a drowning, or a house fire.

Sorry hope I hadn't offended you about this subject.

I do understand what you've said about demons & evil spirits, I just found out the magnitude of those subjects; from The Books of Enoch, Jubilees & Tobit which is in The Catholic Bible.

I've also learned that most Fundamental Churches avoid those Biblical Texts as much as possible.

Good discussion about the State of The Dead.



Mate I’m Australian – we’re hard to offend. I do know rare occasions where a deceased person has “been sent back” by the Lord with a message – usually brief, oftren in a dream. I know of the Prophet Bob Jones, who, while he was dying in a hospital bed (with two broken legs) several floors below, came dancing into the hospital administator’s locked office shouting in toungues. The man had been avoiding Bob as he knew his reputation and he came from a church that taught that God doesn’t have prophets anymore. Bob made him write down a heap of messages on the pad on his desk. He saw Bob had a spot of blood on his arm and reached to wipe it off, but Bob said: “No don’t touch me – You’ll die. I haven’t changed (ascended to heaven) yet.” When he woke in the morning, Bob had dies, and the messages had been written in Ancient Aramaic….

God can do what He wants, and it’s difficult to be dogmatic when we simply cannot know, but in general, its demonic/occult. certainly all the encounters I and other ministers I know have been.

The problem with the Apocrypha books is that even the ancient Hebrews did not accord them the same weight as the rest of Scripture. They shouldn’t be used for establishing doctrine, but they do contain some wisdom. they are not regarded as “god-breathed” even by Catholics.



Ghost Paranormal

Hello Paul,

Thank you for the message Brother in Christ hey one of my churches founders lived briefly in Australia. She established The Seventh Day Adventist faith I believe about 1880?

She had a trying time getting an new Adventist from breaking off his relationship with The Knights Templars for he was a Mason.

The woman's name is Ellen G. White she was cautioning him about addressing people as Master; for the only Master that's to be kept in one's life as an Christian is Jesus.

He paid no attention to the warning till somehow from God who Sees everything and Knows everything impressed upon her a sacred hand gesture used by higher Knight Templars in the Mason Society.

He committed to being a Full Time Christian first then an fulltime Adventist afterwards.

Thank you again for your message Paul Brother in Christ.


I remember seeing one, very real at the time, but on thinking about it, I am now aware what I really saw. I do not beleive in ghosts.

Over 20 years ago, I was in a Youth Hostel in Scotland, which had been a school. In the night I was disturbed and opened my eyes, got up and saw a child running past me then straight through a wall. I then probably woke fully, realised that my dream, and my vision had probably been combined and I saw dream and reality. Scary at the time, but on reflection, it shows how thoughts and sight can become confused when you are half asleep.


Philip J Wharmby

Believing & Experiencing Ghost

I’m very open to the existance of Spirits be it a former living being or one that had no physical exsistance at all. I’ve had several experiences with both. I’ve experienced nothing during my Covid-Isolation. I’d say most to almost all of this wave of apparition experiences is due to extreme stresses for many of these people: social-economic, social-political & personal crisis.  I can relate it to the UFO craze that occured between the end of  WWII to the early Cold War era. People at this time had just come out of a devastating world war only to be confronted with the possiblity of experiencing another one in which there is no “Light at the End of the Tunnel” I’ll post some of my experiences a little later. Oh & thanks for the invitation.

Mysterious Watchings

2015 and the following two or three years I made some impressive watchings. The first was an UFO in form of a Vimana, which appeared right above the center of the city Karlsruhe in South-West Germany. It was a clear evening and people celebrated the 300th year of the city founding. I was hit by strange smelling drops from above so I turned my eyes to the bright blue sky. And there it was. It came out of one of the very few small clouds, like from a covert. As I was walking it stood almost vertical above me and some steps later it was out of sight. I had seen three long bows like the framework of a window of an old church. I saw no wings, no cockpit, no propellers or jets. I heard no voice of an engine. And the smell was like some sort of cleaner but with a very strong metalic sound.

The last of this strange appearances was a fallstreak hole. You know that these unexplained phenomena show up only in a horizontal way. But what I saw was a vertical geometrically perfect hole in the front of a big cloud. The colors of this evening sky were curious. There was a cristal blue bright sky behind all and the formation of clouds were white and black. The hole occured in a white wall and itself it was bright blue. Inmidst the hole a black shred of a cloud which circulated. The whole scene was like an animated clip, because the shred suddenly formed the silhouette of Africa, so the whole circle seem to be the picture of Mother Earth. Yes, for one or two moments I saw the globe. But then the circulation went on and Africa disappeared and then the whole circle, like our Earth disappears forever and would have never been existed.

As I saw it, I knew at once, this is a message. But I don´t feel like a sky watching prophet. And if Earth shall end there are a lot of good reasons. So lets wait and see. Or help the whole of Africa to survive.

K. Walter Haug
Cairn Research Society


Definitely believe although I have no experience with phenomena. Open to it.


pyschopomp services for local ghosts

Trapped Souls

I live in a warehouse loft. The building is well over a hundred years old. In its early days this building was part of a company town that processed wool. My building was for the spinning of wool. Like many old building from the turn of last century, there are lots of spirits around the place. Over the past 17 years I’ve helped many trapped or lingering spirits transition to their next adventure. As part of each encounter I chat with the stranded soul and hear how they came to be stuck here. I’ve learned about the history of diseases that spread through Australia in the early 1900s; the Spanish flu and tuberculosis. This spinning mill employed many women and children. Many of the spirits I help are women who worked in these mills and fell victim to these diseases, particularly tuberculosis. At that time women were allowed to bring their infant children to work. The older children sometimes worked, but the younger ones were cared for in a company crèche. Many women and children died here and their spirits still linger.

As I began to do my medicine work here, the shining light of the portal that I create could be perceived by these resident spirits. Curious about the light and the good vibes, they would show up in my apartment asking for help to transition into the next world, out of this plane of existence, into the light. It was a bit invasive to conducting a regular life so I made a deal with these spirits and created a boundary and clarified the way to get my attention. Spirits seeking help were allowed to only come into the front part of my apartment. Just inside my front door I have a motion sensor light for the entryway. They could flick the light on and off, I would know that a spirit was there, and I could go and meet them and assist them in their transition.

It is still a pretty regular happening with several requests each year. Well, it just so happened that last week, the light blinked on and off. I went to the front to see if I could assist the spirits.

I encountered a woman with eight, very small children between the ages of five and two. They looked every bit like we see in movies of that era. The children in torn clothing with rough boots or barefoot and the woman had a blue grey dress with a soiled apron. She had a scarf tied around her head holding in a large mass of dark curly hair. One of the older children explained that there were 10 children, but that two of them had said they were going to come to this light of my apartment and transition.

They explained that the woman warned the two children not to come to my place of light because they were not allowed to transition into the light. She kept these children with her because they were all destined to go to hell. She was stern in her countenance and said she was a sinner, she new she was a sinner and she would not be taken into heaven! She would go to hell and all of these children were illegitimate children or were also tainted with sin. She told them that they were better off staying here in this dimension, than transitioning on to the next world because they were all destined to go to hell. But two of the children, a brother and sister pair, decided they were going to venture out.

Last week, sometime before the spring equinox the entry light blinked. When I went to the door, I met a sister and a brother who looked about 8 or 9 years old asking if I could help them transition.

It was a very easy transition. They had been seeing the light and the boy said that he had witnessed one of the souls fly up into the light and vanish. He told his sister about what he’d seen and the feeling of love that accompanied this spirit flight.

As a shaman I am experienced at soul departure and have often been a death midwife. I opened the portal, the light shown down. They looked to me for guidance and I explained that they just had to let go and they would float up toward the light. They were a little bit nervous and scared. But away they went.

So they never returned back to the group of stranded souls and the children became restless and wanted to come and see what had happened. So they forced their way with the woman in tow to my apartment. After listening to the children’s story and the woman’s justification, I explained to them that no, they wouldn't go to hell. And that that was a mistaken understanding. I explained that they would go toward this light and at that point they could have choice about what was next for them. I shared that they would record the lessons that they had learned here in this life. I helped them feel that in the light was a place of love and acceptance. The children became more excited and wanted to go but kept looking to the woman for assurance.

The woman's still resisted, but a couple of the children said, “We want to go. We want to go.” They asked, “Is that where (I think they said William and Mary, but I could be wrong about those names) went? and I said, yes.

So I opened the portal and the light poured in. I explained to the children to just release and to float, to feel the gravitational pull and just float up. A couple of the children joined hands and they floated. When they got very close to the light, they called back to the others and said, “Oh, it's so beautiful”. And then several other children floated up and there was excited giggling and laughter as the popped out of this dimension.

The woman still resisted even after witnessing all eight children transition in love and laughter. When I invited her to join them, she said, “no, that was maybe good for them because they are children and they are innocent and maybe they would be forgiven and maybe they wouldn't be sentenced to eternal damnation.” She claimed to know in her heart she was damned by her sin. I tried to explain that was her judgment of herself. That was not God's judgment of her. The place of the light was forgiveness and unconditional love and acceptance. But she just wouldn't. She said, “well that may be but, no, thank you. No, I'm a sinner. And I, I won't, I would rather stay here than burn in eternal damnation.

I felt that eventually she would come around. So as I walked away from her, into my apartment, I asked Archangel Michael, if he could help. Michael have lifetimes of collaboration, he said, “absolutely”. So he appears to her in his radiant light and his incredible energy and unfurls his massive wings.

And with tears in her voice, she said, “I can't be a sinner. Otherwise, an angel wouldn't appear to me.” That evidence, an angel appearing to her, (Michael is particularly good when he does this) confirmed in her heart and mind that she couldn't be all bad. She released floated up with a shining heart and she transitioned.

>They could flick the light

>They could flick the light on and off, I would know that a spirit was there

I used to live in a new house in northern Scotland.  Mostly the other resident was off travelling.

I used to lie in the bath in the evening and often hear the front door open.  If it scraped across the plastic mat then the door had opened physically and the other resident had entered. 

More often I would hear the door open (only a very short distance from the bath) but there would be no scraping sound.  That was the ghost.  It did not interact with me.




Ghosts Are A Ghastly Business

Alicia, good morning and thank you for your kind invitation to respond regarding the topic of ghosts: yes, I believe in them.  I have encountered them throughout my life; I have observed them in my own house, and in places across the United States and Europe.

I firmly believe ghosts are real, remnants of the living still lingering in this world.  Why, I do not know, nor can I guess.  I do feel that some ghosts do not wish to depart, that the bonds holding them to us are so strong, they cannot easily break them.  Others, however, find that in time they are able to move on, into the afterlife, and it is a hard truth, to accept, when a loved one has truly departed.

Others are ‘stuck’ here; they have died, usually suddenly and without warning, and do not know how to leave.  I have been fortunate to help two of these persons, and enable them to depart.  It was very emotional.

Others, also stuck, are in horrible, awful pain; they cannot see past their own suffering, and so cause great suffering to those around them.  Their pain is terrible; the sound of a murdered man, sreaming, is horribly painful.

This is, of course,  my own opinion, formed from my own experiences.  Others may have a different perspective, and I am learning, eery day, that my own experiences are somewhat unique to this topic.  Even now, I am addressing a ghost or spirit which seems to appear at the Cottage at random intervals; he presents himself as a very tall, skinny, older man, wearing old-fashioned clothing and a wide-brimmed hat.  He does not speak to me, but only appears.

I don’t like to visit cemeteries; too many people start talking to me, and I can’t focus on my own business.  Nor do I go in for seances or anything like that; too many people show up and start chattering.  I have summoned the dead, twice, and completely by accident, both times.  I didn’t know I could do this; I had NO idea how to send them back, and they were not happy about it...sigh.
I’ve enjoyed reading some of the responses already posted here, and I look forward to reading more. Again, thank you for inviting me to participate.

Sanjay R Singhal, RA


Sanjay R Singhal, RA

ghost story

When I was 7 or 8 I woke up to see a “stranger” standing in my bedroom doorway.  He was not real tall, but was dressed in a black pinstripe suit with a hat on.  We just looked at each other for a minute then he slowly “dematerialized” from the outside in.  I wasn’t freaked out, but curious.  Never saw him again.  I had another experience when I lived in a “gold rush” era home in Northern California.  I lived upstairs in their two story house.  My daughters husband went to work early in the wee hours before it was even light out.  He left the house slamming the door so hard it shook the house and woke me up.  Right after he left I hear a muffled conversation between a man and a woman.  It finally just  trailed off.  When I finally woke up for good and went downstairs I asked my daughter if her husband had left the tv on.  She said no and gave me a strange look.  I told her what I heard and she said she had heard it too.  Now, keep in mind that she had no close neighbors.  They were surrounded by woods.  Another time, same scenario, husband left, slammed the door, shook the house and woke me up.  This time I hear the “tinkling” of one of those old time pianos just like you hear in those old westerns.  I lay in bed listening to this music for a good minute or even two.  Again it finally just trailed off.  

Troubling Ghost Phenomenon

Hi Underwoodlisa63,

If that problem occurs every time your Son in Law leaves the House then something is up with him and that's not good physically or Spiritually.

You say he leaves the House early to go too work and each time he slams the door? Is the slamming equivalent to any specific kind of anger like rage.

It's possible what is happening could be the house since you and your daughter are experiencing this unexplained phenomena.

Whether ghostly or something else he's probably experiencing the same thing he's choosing to ignore it or it could also be the husband severe negative energy he's releasing in the house because you say it happens each time he leaves early for work.

Did your daughter and husband do research before buying that property like what that house could be on top of in Northern California? Wait what part of Northern California?

Anderson California? Butte County? Cottonwood? Dunsmuir?Fort Jones, California? Hornbrook? Montague? Lake Shasta/ Shasta County? Weed, California? Redd Bluff, California? Redding, California? Yreka, California? Whiskey Town, California?

Right and your surrounded by Woods no nearest neighbors?

Okay I know most people don't really subscribe to certain kinds of stories regarding haunted houses or houses with really bad Energy but, I do remember a series that did believe it are not use to come on The Discovery Channel; not Biography Channel which is connected with A&E's Celebrity Ghost story bit.

I'm not making fun of you the show I watched is called A Haunting Story it was done by the people who did the Documentary A Haunting in Connecticut which got made into a Hollywood movie honestly the Documentary was far better than the movie.

Discovery Channel went on to do a series on Hauntings actual people who bought houses that turned out were not livable and in some cases families had to get up 3:00 a.m. in the morning and run out of the houses sometimes in their pajamas.

I don't know the name of the episode, but, there was something about a House near Redding, California after that episode I prayed to God nobody buy that house it should have been been burned down and the Earth saturated with Salt.

Of course it might not be any of that at all instead it could be some unfortunate negative energy emitting from your son-in-law based on his behavior when He goes to work.

When People went through those experiences in my family they went to family counseling to try an figure out what was wrong. After that those kinds of experiences stopped.

That's all I have to say on the issue hope I haven't frightened neither offended you if you want to keep seeking answers there's someone who shared on this Ghost Forum in Australia about these kinds of experiences maybe Paul Davies could assist you with the problem.

I realize Australia and Northern, California are miles apart but, it couldn't hurt.

Until next time underwoodlisa63 this is where I must take my leave and so Goodbye!


From the age around 4 years my first encounter was with the supernatural, when an unseen voice told me what could happen next, we lived then in alarge house about ½ mile fromCottages where estate peole lived, while making my way down to visit them on this country lane from the alrge house, I was about to cross a wooden field gate, when this unseen voice, spoke and told me the second I moved into sight from behind the hedges that grew along the lANE, THERE WOULD BE A PERSON OR BEING THAT WOULD KILL ME, WELL AT THAT AGE WHAT DOES ONE THINK.? ops. anyway I took heed of the voice and very carefully peered around the edge of the gateway, there standing with his or its abck to me was this shape in fthe form of a person.. I decided to count 10 and run as fat as I could to the Cottgaes which were aboyt 200 yeards up thsi lane, I did this, and just at the moment when I crossed the gate way this perosn/being turned  round he/it was about 100 feet away I thoguht, threw down an instrument and came running towards me. I remembered thinking his eyes looked very dark or black., lucky for me I got to the Cottages before he caught me,  Whayt happned next I to this day do not know, I told the Foresters about this happening and theyw ent searching, but no-one ever spoke to me further on this as I grew up, so it reamins one of those myterys, I have had nunerous encounters with the Other Side, and abck in the 1980,s I wrote 3 small Books for a local Publisher in Oxford about Ghosts and Hauntings, but for whatever reason such things have followed me through my life, I could write as book on my encounters in my life with the Paranormal.


Flying Saucers/UFO,s

My first encounter was one day walking through the center of the town where I lived, as I passed the Town Clock I galnced up to note the time, and then there was this Flying Saucer Disc crfat before mt eyes up in a clear blue sky with little clouds here and there, It was on an eliptical flight path from the angel where I was standing,, It made no noise, then it entered a cloud and just dissappeared from view. I knew an offcier who was attached to the RAF, he sent to London and between us I filled in a report of this sighting with his help, and sent it of somewhere I presume to the offcies of the Ministry of Defence in London. but i never to this day heard anything further on that particluar sighting. . I have worked on aircraft in my time so I had a good idea this was not one of what we call aircraft.. About 2 to 3 year ago I had an encounter with 2 beings certainly not of our specis,, who just dissappeared into the wall of my room in the house when I was awakened by thheir presence. and found them standing there., my late father who was a ships engineer always said to me, “Never say Never”

UFO/Supernatural Experiences

Hi Sir John,

Due to COVID-19 haven't been able to go to women's Bible Study so I've been watching Video Bible Meetings; my point is a pastor broached the subject of UFO's and Alien Abductions.

I know we're talking about the paranormal of ghost Sir John but, when I saw your comment on UFOs; I remembered the Video Bible Meeting I watched and that the Pastor talked about and of course I can't remember their names now leading scientist looking to debunk UFO & Alien Abduction experiences.

Instead the scientist did a complete 180 and concluded through their research that them aliens were more so demonic they identified the creatures as demons. I'm not kidding all the answers in the World I was expecting was not that.

After description's from people that; I watch on numerous, re-runs of Unsolved Mysteries episodes, share their experiences of what happened to them during Abductions and learning from that Video Bible Meeting scientist conclusions of these creatures identity possibly being a species of demons makes a little more sense.

I thought maybe Sir John you'd like hearing that in regards to what's flying those UFOs.

Then again, I did read 1st Corinthians and Apostle Paul does bring up E.T.s from what He said about the Beings too me it sounded like Paul was saying that there were as many of them as there are Celestial Being's which are the Angel's.

ghost experiences

the closest thing to supernatural or ghosts happened when i was 12 back in 1970. my older brother Rick commited suiced in May of that year. he hung himself with a short piece of rope. in all the surrealism of that nobody ever figured out where this short stretch of rope came from. about 1 month after his death i had a dream of Rick. he was just standing there. but the palpable feeling was there was a misunderstanding as to why he hung himself. me parents said he overdosed on pot. he never had money for pot nor anything else. even for the prom that year our mom wouldn’t let him spend money on a tux. so no money for anything. our mom was uber controlling and abusive as was our dad. feloniously abusive. 4 decades later, the month of the anniversery of his suicide, it popped in my head. 2 bits of information that i was aware of connected. that short stretch of rope was the rope our mom used to whip us. also i never saw that rope hanging in the broom closet in the kitchen after his death. that had to be the rope he used, it had to be. so i got the autopsy from the sherriff’s office. the coronor, Dr. C. E. Magner was very suspicious of that rope as the ends were very frayed. while the rope had a simple over hand knot connecting the ends making it a loop. those ends were frayed like little cotton balls. i then found Rick’s best friend on facebook and asked him to roto-root his soul and tell me anything he could about Rick. he HATED our mother. as did i. i also have had suicidal ideations since i was a child, 4-5 years old because of the way our mother made me feel. she was a royal bitch. sooo no drugs just felony abuse, and the coroner, Dr. C.E. Magner was right about that rope. i have never forgotten Rick and think of him often.


What’s Behind Increasing Paranormal Activity?

A few years ago I learned about Remote Viewing, which is a special military ESP..related military exercise...that has been around for several decades..but more recently...the United States Space Force (USSF)  was established as an independent military branch on 20 December 2019, with the signing of the United States Space Force Act, part of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2020...Deep Space satellite ground stations...the known ones are established in the United States, Spain and well as other countries...that wish to compete and join the Space Race...There are possibly other more secret deep space programs around as well.  I think this type of technology helps to enhance our awareness of paranormal phenomena...Also, lightning strikes…. even static electricity... may also enhance our ability to perceive what is called the astral projection of others...whether living or dead...If energy can be neither created nor destroyed...Where does it go?  Are the energy fields of our loved ones still around us?  A new space age is upon us...and I think that this is the real cause for this upsurge in spooky occurences…


Terriann B. Herlihy, tireless amatuer social historian

Your Best Ghost Story

Alicia: I actually have an unpublished mss., of all my family’s paranormal experiences over many generations. However, I thought I’d share one that’s part of an account documented and included within a book I published back in 1992, entitled: “To Shoot, Burn, and Hang: Folk History from a Kentucky Mountain Family & Community’ (Knoxville: Univ. of Tennessee Press., 1992), as recorded in Chapter Four of that volume.

I heard the following tale all my life, which was widely known by many people from oral tradition and local folklore. It took me some time as well to ‘document’ the events from public records, interviews, etc.

Basically, in retaliation for the murder of a man who had resided in ‘Rolph Holler’ (as we pronounce ‘hollow’ in the ‘Mountain South’ of the U.S.), in July of 1903, the murderer, a White man named William Thacker, was taken out of the Fleming County, Kentucky jail by a masked mob of men late one night, after which he was, ‘hit in the head with a hammer, had pins and wooden pegs driven into his body; was castrated, had his tongue cut out, and was finally dragged behind a horse and hung on a honey locust tree, with the words carved into its trunk: ‘This is the Tree of Justice.” Accordingly, the limb he was executed on ‘died first, followed by the rest of the tree,’ until it was eventually cut down, but individuals claimed to have seen mysterious orbs or lights around ithe place of execution afterwards for many years.

The night the mobbing occurred, my great-grandfather, John ‘Elzy’ {Elza} Rolph, was walking home from a nearby rural community, to his home in the ‘holler,’ down a wooded lane, when in the bright moonlight he saw something which he later remarked: “he had never seen anything like it in his life.” Walking along the rail fence through the field to get to his home, he stated too many for years, that a “creature with long shaggy hair, hanging down in front of its face, with ‘red-glowing eyes,’ was lying under a tree.” My ancestor had a sack of groceries in his arms, but dropped them, picked up a thick stick or branch, afraid he was going to be attacked. However, the creature instead, stood up on its hind legs, and went and sat down underneath another tree. John Rolph kept walking, looking back over his shoulder, thinking it would attack him, but nothing happened.

When my ancestor got home, he knocked on the door, but couldn’t answer those inside requesting who it was, since he was so scared to couldn’t speak. Finally, my great-grandmother opened the door and her husband fell into a chair and declared: “I’VE SEEN THE DEVIL!” He was unaware, that while he was gone, mobbers on horse back had come to the house with fire brands, in an attempt to force him to participate in the mobbing as they had other individuals. He thus learned of the murder that had occurred and viewed what he had seen that night, as a “token or sign of the evil” pertaining to the lynching which occurred.

It is said that George Gordon, who was the main mobber (whose brother, John Gordon, Thacker had murdered in 1900), would “wake up at night and the ghost of Gordon would be ‘sitting on the headboard of his bed laughing,’ saying that, ‘Where I am now, soon you will be,’ meaning ‘Hell.’ Then, years later, relatives of mine went ‘coon-hunting’ {taking lanterns to hunt raccoons} with George Gordon one evening, and were out in the middle of the woods, when they saw off in the distance, something floating in the trees & rapidly heading their way. As it got closer, they could see it was the ‘ghost of a woman.’ My ‘kin’ said they “ran until their tongues were hanging out,’ but Gordon finally told them to stop, stating: “She won’t hurt ye,’ she’s after me.” Then the ghost or spirit of the lady quickly came up to Gordon, screamed into his face, after which her spirit then ‘sank into the earth.’ She was supposed to have been impregnated by him, who promised to marry her, but never did, hence her ‘revenge’ after her death.

There are two ways of looking at the above tale or any supernatural or paranormal experience. They happen or they did not, or are simply ‘misinterpreted’ occurrences through fright, etc. However, a former colleague of mine, medical doctor David J. Hufford, wrote in his famous book, ‘The Terror That Comes in the Night’ (Philadelphia: Univ. of PA Press., 1982), about ‘old hag attack’ accounts from Newfoundland. He remarks that rather than declare that all paranormal experiences are fictitious or derive from ‘hallucinations,’ that the events themselves can NOT be ‘NEGATED,’ simply because they don’t seem to be ‘normal.’ Thus, they may be interpreted in two separate ways: 1) The ‘Cultural Source Hypothesis’ and or the  2) ‘Experience-Centered Approach’ or Narrative.

Brieflly, my great-grandfather DID see something that night of the lynching (hence the ‘Experience-Centered Approach’). However, how he  ‘INTERPRETED’ the creature he saw as definitely being that of “THE DEVIL,” was simply the worst thing he could think of in his mind (thus, an example of the ‘Cultural Source Hypothesis’ for what he’d seen).

Just as people have ‘out-of-body’ experiences and see a ‘heavenly being’ which they immediately believe to be Christ or St.Peter, etc. Such a dream or vision doesn’t mean IT WAS actually either of those two persons, but it doesn’t once again ‘NEGATE’ the experience itself. Thus, my great-grandfather DID INDEED SEE SOMETHING, but it probably wasn’t ‘THE DEVIL,’ but his ‘interpretation’ doesn’t ‘negate’ that he saw something ‘strange and evi’l that night.

I actually go into detail from a cultural source, as derived from the British Isles (since practically everyone in most parts of the Kentucky Mountains, are of Anglo-Celtic ancestry), speaking of ‘similar’ things seen in Britain after a murder or evil occurrence, etc.

Dr. Dan