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What Do You Think About Atlantis?

What do you believe about Atlantis? Do you think the story is true of False? Was the story made up by Plato to make a point about morality? Is the story partially true? Where is Atlantis located and what makes you think so? Have you actually read Plato’s version of his story or you only read what others wrote about what he wrote? Do you think Atlantis will ever be found? What have you read lately and why should I read it? Do you think the story of Atlantis has been encoded because the language has changed over time? What size was Atlantis According to Plato?

:-))) Oh that is a

:-))) Oh that is a coincidence…

I just posted a prediction on Atlantis in the Babel Text. Then seen your message.

The prediction is based on translating the Babel Text, and the most probable location being The Gulf of Tonkin.

The Babel Text apparently gives the latitude and longitude, and surprisingly The Gulf of Tonkin does match Plato’s desriptions. 

I originally made this prediction in The Map That Talked.

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts