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Dennis Brooks is a retired, independent researcher who studies Atlantis and other mysteries as a hobby. His ebooks, “Atlantis Pyramids Floods” and “Earth's Magnetic Field Secrets,” are updated and republished as new information comes available. Brooks also publishes workbooks that teach children and adults to read, especially those who have learning disabilities. His reading workbooks are his way of giving back to the community because he had trouble learning to read when he was growing up.

Brooks has spent over 20 years researching Atlantis. In 1995 he found that the Florida Plain matched the description Plato gave as the Plain of Atlantis. Since then, he has been looking for other ways to connect Atlantis to the Americas and Egypt. In 2012 he published a book called “Atlantis, Ten Tribes of the Americas”, which he later changed the name to “Atlantis Pyramids Floods.”

Since then he has added new discoveries, ancient stories, and new terrain features to tell Plato’s story. He believes that with enough interest in the subject, credibility will return to Atlantis as a topic of research. His book explains the terrain features of Atlantis in a way that will allow you to explore and reference the information online. That makes “Atlantis Pyramids Floods” an interactive eBook.  

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