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David Halpin: Thoth's Storm

I am new to this site, I have been here a couple days now reading some of the articles, some are very obviously outladish and nutball but some have had the appearance of reality hard to say really.

I have always been rather fascinated with the Tuatha mythology and so read this article by David Halpin: Thoth’s Storm…  In reading the article I noticed a picture “ the plate of Dagda representing the members of the Tuatha De’ Danaan (public domain).  I immediately recognized the imagery from a seperate article that I had read about a cauldron yesterday, the curse of eidetic memory I suppose.  I immediately remembered that one of the 8 plates was missing from the cauldron found in a bog in Denmark.  I thought what would be the incredible coincidence that I would two seperate articles and manage to piece the missing piece, highly unlikely it seemed.

When I read the article by Wu MIngren, The Gunderstrup Cauldron: Largest and most exquisite Iron age Silver Work in Europe, I soon realized it was not just the same style imagery it was the exact same picture shared between the two articles.  It would appear that this article about the cauldron is real, the cauldron does exist and it is in a museum in Denmark.

From what I have read and what I can tell so far, this site is simply about wild fancy for the most part, creating an interesting story that some might buy into I guess.  Do these people like David get paid to do this or is it just something they enjoy doing.  Every time I see the pay for a membership to get th rest of the article I find myself laughing……

Personally I like truth, and when I see someone decieving others I make sure to ring the bell and call attention to it, your bell has been rung.

Cap and Bells

Hello MountainGuardian. Welcome, and it’s great that you took the time to register and look around the site. We hope you’ve been enjoying the articles by our very appreciated writers and guest authors.

I’m not exactly sure what point you’re trying to make with the two images in the two articles. Very often images are relevant across articles as they touch on the same subject. The cauldron, while recovered from  a bog in Denmark, was not made there, and the images on it are thought to be Celtic in nature.

Also, people are welcome to read the articles and take what they will from them. Some articles are categorized opinion, or mystery, or even myth and legend, and others are marked history or news, from sources such as archaeology professionals, peer-reviewed science journals, and universities.

If readers are pleased with the content Ancient Origins, writers and authors work very hard to bring, then they should be able to become subscribed members without your negative name-calling – and you can choose to go your way as well, since you already have your own ‘truth’.