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Community Guidelines

We strive to ensure that Ancient Origins is a constructive, non-discriminatory, and friendly place to discuss a wide variety of topics. To maintain a positive atmosphere and to promote constructive discussion, we ask that you adhere to these simple guidelines.

  • Respect - Our aim is to make each of our members feel welcome. Racism, religious intolerance, and any kind of discrimination have no place on our forums.
  • Be polite – You are free to disagree, share opposing views, and debate a topic, but please be civil. We will not tolerate posts which insult, belittle, bait or otherwise antagonise forum members.
  • Quality – We want our forums to be packed full of quality material, fascinating stories, and interesting discussions. Postings that are vulgar, profane, crude, sexist, racist, homophobic, pornographic, or defamatory, are not considered ‘quality’ material and will be removed.
  • Be constructive – Comments that are not meaningful and appear to have been posted simply as a way to accumulate points as part of the member reward system will be removed, as will the points associated with those comments.
  • Promote others not yourselves – you are welcome to recommend great books, websites or quality material you have come across relating to ancient origins. But our forums are not the place for advertising and self-promotion.
  • Good communication – for ease of communication please post in English only, don’t write only in capital letters, and avoid excessive use of abbreviations or ‘text speak’. Profanity, including masking letters with asterisks, will be removed.
  • Post in the appropriate forum – please consider the most appropriate category to place your posting and avoid overusing the general discussion forum simply because it is at the top of the list. 

These guidelines are by no means exhaustive and may be updated to cover situations which regularly arise. The forum moderators shall have full discretion to address any behaviour that they feel is inappropriate, such as by warning, suspending, or banning. The bottom line is that we want Ancient Origins to be an enjoyable and constructive environment for everyone.  

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Ancient Origins Team