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What are you thoughts, theories and ideas about Atlantis? Are the Atlantians the original teachers of how to build pyramids? Where is the remains of the city? Is it lost to all time or until someone grabs a book and hunts it down like Troy? What about their disappearence....the depths of the ocean or did they blast off to space? I've been on a big Atlantis kick right now...I've watched several documentaries so I wanted to see what your ideas were!!! Please share! And if you know a good documentary, let me know that too!!!

The Lost City

Greetings Angie,

As you are aware we are running on the notion that the World was divided by our ancient ones into twelve equal parts and the observations from each region of the World were used to transform back to the stars. The stars were considered the creative energies for the World and because each region of the World contained different characteristics these would coincide with the energies of the Celestial body. It was observed by the animal variation that the pattern emerged from head features to the feet. It was so recorded around the World these features from the heads of Easter Island to the feet and as we have mentioned cancer-stonehenge, Leo-Sphinx, Virgo-Virgin Mary, Scales-Buddah.... I have not read much about Atlantis apart from a few things recently, but it has always been on my mind. The zone of Aquarius connects to the region where the ocean is vast and harder to explore. For me the discovery of the World body has been recorded in all zones and it may also be the case that the Atlantis mystery could also coincide with a recording of the zone of Aquarius. This is just an idea though.

Thank you for responding and

Thank you for responding and that gives me some food for thought as well! :)

love, light and blessings





Also you might find this helpful:

I have not seen or read anything that would convince me such a civilization ever existed. Is it possible? Yeah. But much like the Bermuda Triangle there is no defintive explanation in my view that would support Atlantis ever existing but I am open to new theories if any one has a better explanation.

New underwater sites recently discovered


I got caught up in a little reading about Atlantis and found a site with several new underwater cities recently discovered, plus this site which seems to offer quite a voice on the subject.

If you consider for a moment how the World body fits the ancient zodiac chart as we have expressed I would like to show you where the zone appears now, within the shperical helical realignment. There is a drawing shown on the human body connection article.

The anatomical globe diagram indicates where the region of aquarious or the month of February connects to the World body today. 

I did some research on it and

I did some research on it and it seems that the Gulf of Tonkin is the best bet for Atlantis.

It has a central Island, a fault line running through it capable of producing magnitude 9 earthquakes

It has the correct dimensions

and it has the correct physical features

...the clincher is the stories surrounding the area also appear to match. You can find all the details in my book It's in the recommended book list on Ancient fact a lot of the books there make for interesting reading

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