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The Atlantis Discussion

Hello everyone, I would like to start a discussion about the location of Atlantis. After researching Atlantis for many years, I can now recognize all of the existing terrain features Plato wrote about. Thanks to internet maps we can visit all of the places he described. The process of decoding, reading, and discussing Plato’s story will take us on a tour through both the former lost city and the great plain of Atlantis. If you don’t agree with my decoding, it’s  oaky. Here is a brief article to get us started:

Atlantis was North America, Tampa was Once  the Lost City

The story of Atlantis was written by Solon, told by Critias, recorded by Plato, and translated to English by Benjamin Jowett. The telling, retelling, and translating of Solon’s original story has caused it to become encoded. Encoding made it impossible for researches to find the terrain features Plato wrote about because they are not on the ancient maps. Now that we have found the island of Atlantis, we can go back and make corrections to Plato’s story. Those corrections clearly show that North America was the continent of Atlantis, Florida was the plain of Atlantis, and Tampa Florida was the first City of Atlantis. Also, North America and South America made up the whole-boundless continent Plato wrote about. Plato also referred to the continent of Atlantis as the “island of Atlantis”. 

During the time of Atlantis, North America was divided into ten kingdoms or countries. The country of Atlantis was one of those ten kingdoms. From that point of view, all of Plato’s other terrain features can be found, accounted for, and verified. That includes the hill that held the royal palace with the three moats around it. It also includes a small triangular island with three large canals around it. That is the true island of Atlantis. 

Here is a link to the island of Atlantis:

No, Atlantis is exactly where

No, Atlantis is exactly where Plato said.  30 N by 30 W but they likely had colonies in the Americas.  the Atzec are descendents. Atlantis/Atzlan 

Atlantis surrounded

Are any of you Atlantis buffs aware that the ancient land of Atlantis had two separate armies of women on each side of their land that were viciously attacking them. I also discovered the likely family tree of King Atlas. Pop quiz, do you know the names of those female armies?

Same name on YT

Yes Atlantis is in the

Yes Atlantis is in the Americas, but the capital city is in South America not North America. I went through all the world and narrowed down where Atlantis can and can’t be going by the details in the Atlantis Account of “Plato” such as distance, direction, size, etc, and found it can only be in the Americas and not anywhere else. Originally I long favoured North America over South America.  But I couldn’t definitely find the site of the capital city and continued to search and later I searched all around the Americas and found there is only one place that matches the large plain and surrounding mountains, the remains of extensive civilisation/cities, etc, and it is in South America not North America. Jim Allen’s website helped/influenced me a little bit in considering South America, though I don’t favour his site for the plain and city. I then searched all around the country in South America and finally found the capital city site which has strong matches with the city of Atlantis. The site is not too far from Jim Allen’s. Though some doubters/skeptics / deniers/critics refuse to accept it because they claim it is too far (though “Plato” and Siculus said Atlantis was most distant), and is not presently sunken (though it did have an event matching the “quake(s) and flood(s)” in the Atlantis Account), and a few other reasons.

I’m not totally sure whether the large island of Atlantis was just/only South America or was South & North America (& Antarctica?)

Atlantis is not in the Atlantic Ocean seafloor. Atlantis was very large (“larger than Asia & Libya”, large plain. highest mountains, many species of animals including elephants, 10 kings regions, number of cities, mines in number of places, lakes, supplied much of their needs, etc), and there has not been found any sunken/submerged large landmass in the Atlantic Ocean seafloor.

Oh but there is.  The Mid

Oh but there is.  The Mid-Atlantic ridge.  It stretches from Iceland all the way to North Africa and possibly just beyond. Atlantis capital is at 30 north by 30 west, there are even three structures that are in the same pattern as the pyramids in Egypt with one of them being a series of circles. Randall Carlston pointed out on his podcost a few years back how the archetecture on the Canary Islands to the north are very similar to Plato’s description. 

This is not to say there weren’t Atlanteans in the Americas, they were a sea people.  in fact, those on the Western side of this continent escaped to the Americas after it sunk.  We call them the Atzec. Atzlan is Atlantis. 

You are Correct about Azaes Aztecs

(It seems that some places in the Americas are also related to the leaders of Atlantis.) Here is Poseidon: dividing North America into ten kingdoms.

Plato: Of the second pair of twins he called one Ampheres, and the other Evaemon. To the elder of the third pair of twins he gave the name Mneseus, and Autochthon to the one who followed him. Of the fourth pair of twins he called the elder Elasippus (in honor of his grandmother), and the younger Mestor (Meso America). And of the fifth pair he gave to the elder the name of Azaes (Aztecs), and to the younger the name of Diaprepes (Texas). 

All these and their descendants for many generations were the inhabitants and rulers of divers islands (Cuba, Bahamas, and Dominican Republic) in the open sea; and also, as has been already said, they held sway in our direction over the country within the Pillars as far as Egypt and Tyrrhenia (Italy). 


Sorry Bruce I didn't see your

Sorry Bruce I didn't see your post there before, or this forum seems to not post replies in order of time but in sub-posts like facebook does (which makes it hard to follow all the replies/comments).
The mid-Atlantic ridge is too small for Atlantis which was very large. Also the ridge is emerging upwards and outwards not inwards and downwards, whereas Atlantis "sank".
It is not certain that Atlantis is linked with similar names like Aztlan, because the Account says the story went from Atlantis to Egypt to Greece with the names translated into Egyptian and then into Greek. Though it is possible that the name was similar since the Atlas mountains name is of possible non/pre Greek origin. But Aztlan could possibly match Atlantis and possible have been somewhere like Tiahuanaco. Gadeira has some matches in South America.
The many other islands is more likely Pacific Islands rather than Caribbean islands. Though "island" in Egyptian/Biblical can mean either island/isle, coastland, peninsula, continent, Old World, planet.

You should listen to the

You should listen to the first half dozen or so podcasts on Kosmographia.  Randall Carlston does a great job outlining where Atlantis is, and its exactly where I said it is.  If you look on Google Maps/Earth at 30 north by 30 west, there are three spots on the ocean floor in the outline of Orion’s belt with the eastern most one being at least 2 concentric circles (its hard to tell on the map, could be more).    

If you look at the Atzlan story vs the Atlantis story they are identical.  The Aztec capital city according to Cortez was concentric circles of land and water (just like Atlantis) and if you pronounce Atlantis just as the ancient Greeks would have the only difference between ATLAN and ATZLAN is where you put your toungue.  ANy etymologist will tell you that is one of the first indications of a possible connection.   Plus you have to look at what the Mid-Atlantic ridge and surrounding area would have looked like pre YD.  It was large enough.  It stretched from Iceland to North Africa and it was almost as wide.

Aw come on, there is not any

Aw come on, there is not any large plain surrounded by “highest mountains” and extensoive remains of civilisation and cities, and many species and animals including elephants, and many other things in the mid-Atlantic ridge area.

I’ve looked at numerous maps and there is not any large landmass stretching from Icealand to Africa “and just as wide” there. The mid-Atlantic ridge is pretty narrow. Sources say they have found no sunken/submerged large landmass in Atlantic ocean seafloor. Nor is there any in the Indian Ocean, nor the Pacific according to conventional scientists except for the Zealandia landbridge, though there are seamounts in the Pacific.

Atlantis was both North America and Mexico

Hello outsidethebox, your search for Atlantis has ended. I’m taking you to the Lost City of Atlantis. Atlantis was born in North America and its first city was in Tampa Florida. Florida was the plain of Atlantis. The City grew over the plain and spread to Miami. By the time Atlantis was destroyed, Mexico City was the grand city of Atlantis. Read my posts to get the discussion started.


You edited/changed your post

You edited/changed your post after I posted? It said different before and I did not see the rest of it there before.
I aren't/wasn't still searching, as I already found it a few years ago.
No offense but I'm afraid I don't agree with Florida being possible. No large plain surrounded by "highest" mountains. No remains of extensive ancient civilisation. Etc.
Using codes/corrections seems to me to be changing what the source text says so to make it fit elsewhere. The only code/cryptic in the Account I found for sure is the 9000 years date.
Florida is not an island (except in some early European maps).
Atlantis was not just the plain or just the realm of Atlas and not the other 9 of the 10 kings regions.

Atlantis city is Tiahuanaco/Tiwanaku.
The Atlas pillar motif is seen rising from concentric circles (city) in Andean art.
The Inca Picture from the Coricancha depicts a number of things matching things in the Atlantis Account including the large rectangular plain with surrounding ditch and criss-crossing channels, etc.
There are at least still 1 or 2 concentric circles in the ground in diagrams/maps of Tiahuanaco.
The Akapana in the middle of Tiahuanaco matches the small mountain / big hill dwelling of Clito in the Atlantis Account.
One of the buildings matches the size of the palace/temple of Atlantis.
Tiahuanaco experienced an event described in very similar words to the "flood(s) and quake(s)" of Atlantis' "sinking".
Heaps of other details matches which I can't list here.

Mountains and Plain of Atlantis

Hello OutsidetheBox,

You brought up some important issues regarding Atlantis and its location. There are also many issues you did not mention. Over all, there are too many questions to answer at once. Instead of trying to answer them at one time, I will post a series of articles here that will eventually answer each and every question. The first few articles are designed to explain how Plato’s story became encoded and how we will go about decoding it.  That includes the island of Atlantis with three large canals around it and the hill with the three moats around it. Just to answer one of your questions: Florida is a plain. It is flat and even with no mountains on it. The Mountains Plato was referring are the Appalachian Mountains. They protect the Florida Plain from the cold winter wind that Plato mentioned. In Florida, they get two crops a year. This will help you think outside the box. All of your questions will be answered as we go along. Appalachian Mountains:

 I don't agree with Florida being possible. 

. No large plain surrounded by "highest" mountains. 

. Florida is not an island (except in some early European maps).

 Atlantis was not just the plain or just the realm of Atlas and not the other 9 of the 10 kings regions.

Atlantis Account including the large rectangular plain with surrounding ditch and criss-crossing channels,

. big hill dwelling of Clito in the Atlantis Account.


florida is not an island but Cuba is.

i saw a documentary about this. they believed it could be Cuba as there are mountains on the north side and that would protect them from cold northely winds. the bay to the south of Cuba is shallow, so when the sea was lower, the land mass of Cuba is way larger. it wouldn’t suprise me if there were more atlantises of simmilar.


The Appalachian mountains don

The Appalachian mountains don’t surround Florida, they are quite some distance away further north in the eastern USA.

I did once consider the Appalachians/Alleghenies as the mountains of Atlantis when I favoured North America because source says they were once higher than the Himalayas during period of the continental “drift”. But the whole situation just doesn’t match the all of Account’s details.

If the sealevels were lower then the whole continental shelf off east Florida and Georgia/Carolina and Bahamas would have been land. But I couldn’t find any where that that matches all the details either.

I will try to read and consider your articles. But it would also be good if you/others can also read mine. My own Atlantis ebook is in Allempires ebooks (general world history section) ‘Atlantis in the Andes/America’.


What fascinates me is the cause of the Atlantean diasporah suggested by the fact that Japanese and Basque people can understand each other without translators and both have a history of being highly skilled seafaring navigators.  Plato places Atlantis as being some 7000 years before him; a review of the history of massive solar flares finds one documented to be hundreds of times more powerful than the Carrington event of 1859 hitting the planet 9125 years ago.  With the cisterns of Gobekli Tepe being dated to 12,000 years ago, the idea of a massive pre-history civilization meeting a sudden end isn’t far fetched.


I agree with you that, “The idea of a massive pre-history civilization meeting a sudden end isn’t far fetched.” I actually think it has happened several times in the past.

Does anyone have any thoughts regarding the Richat Structure, in the western Sahara Desert, as being a possible location for Atlantis?  



It seems to me that the Atlantis described by Plato, beyond the undoubted symbolic meanings contained therein, has its own historicity like all the so-called legends.
In my opinion, historically it is a fusion of several elements mainly attributable to:
1) Doggerland (and its progressive flood due to the decline of the last glaciation, flood started around 6.500 / 6.200 BC),
2) Storegga landslide occurred in 6.100 BC. about (and consequent heavy flooding of Doggerland).
3) Great Britain (and its detachment from the European continent, which occurred around 6.000 BC),
4) island of Tera (and its volcanic explosion occurred around 1.500 BC).