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Anyone know what this symbol signifies?

Hey all, a friend of mine recently visited Prague, and in her travels, she met a Romani gypsy who gave her this: 

Anyone have any idea what the symbol signifies? Is it good? Bad? Any feedback would be great thanks a bunch!

Symbol and Meaning

I believe that this is similar to a ‘celtic knot’ and if it is like that, then the meaning would be of ‘endless rotation’ of the cycles of the world, the universe and cosmos.  Ironically, the Ancient meaning of the Svastsika from India (corrupted by NAZIS) also is about the cycles of the neverending 'rotation' of the same.  Read about the meaning of the Ancient Svastiska more here on this site.  You may see the similarites in the designs and with some of those ‘celtic knots' too.  


Christopher Buehner

Symbol and meaning

This is the cross of Saint Bridgett. It has different meaning per the culture of origin, but you can at least start with “Cross of Saint Bridgett”. BTW-it is symbolic of 4 sheaves of wheat woven together.


Skully G

Saint Bridget’s Cross Pendant


Symbol and meaning

I could be mistaken, but it looks like a medal of protection; it is meant to keep evil from finding the wearer. A very wonderful gift, indeed. Hope this helps you on your journey.

Walk In Beauty, Rain

Saint Bridget’s Cross

This looks like a modern rendition of the cross of Saint Bridget, which combines her traditional symbolism with the circle of St. Patrick’s cross.


Lewis Hales

St. Brigids Cross

I was born in Belfast,that’s St. Brigid’s cross. It’s a pagan symbol,relative to the swastika & sun cross. (Pre Nazi abomination) You usually see it above doorways & it’s related to Imbolc. (Spring) Hope this helps. Cheers.

Aaron Frost

symbol and meaning

This symbol can also represent four hands clasped at the wrist… a symbol of strength or unity of a group or community.