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Largo di Torre Argentina square in Rome, Italy. Source: Pino Pacifico/Adobe Stock

“Et tu, Brute?” Rome to Reopen Square of Julius Caesar’s Assassination to Public

From this week, history enthusiasts, tourists, and other interested parties will be able to walk through the square where the famed Roman emperor, Julius Caesar, met his end through stabbing. Rome...
Two Roman statue heads found at Carlisle Cricket Club Roman site. Source: Geraldine Moore/Cumberland Council

Carlisle Cricket Club Bathhouse Site Reveals Colossal Roman Sculptures of Imperial Class

The site of a Roman bathhouse or mansion, the ruins at Carlisle Cricket Club have revealed more in the latest round of excavations – two exquisitely preserved head sculptures depicting Roman gods,...
Roman Carvings of a Smiley Face and a Phallus Found in Spain

Roman Carvings of a Smiley Face and a Phallus Found in Spain

Archaeologists in Spain were exploring an ancient Roman fort when they discovered a carved smiley-face, a basket of fruits and a phallus . For answers as to what this carving means, we must delve...
Fortuna (1754) by Tadeusz Kuntze. National Museum in Warsaw.

The Goddess Tyche as Lady Luck

Throughout time, humanity has given great consideration to elements believed to bring good fortune our way. The more people believe that they can control unpredictable forces, the more they trust...
Ancient Roman Cult Temple - Capitoline Hill

Archaeologists uncover ancient Roman cult temple

Archaeologists excavating a site in central Rome have uncovered what may be the oldest known Roman temple . The finding was made at Sant’Omobono, one of the most remarkable and least understood...