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Representation of an Irish holy well. Source: Michal / Adobe stock

Believers Flock to Irish Holy Wells Seeking Solace From Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has led many people to seek comfort in a variety of ways. Some have returned to traditional customs and beliefs. In Ireland many people are making a pilgrimage to holy wells...
Coprnice of Croatian myth. Source: captblack76 / Adobe Stock.

Cursing of Coprnice: The Good and Evil of Croatian Folklore

There have been many legends that survived through Croatian history. Some were spread worldwide, and some remain unknown. One of these lesser known legends is the myth of Coprnice. To simplify,...
Red Riding Hood

'Little Red Riding Hood' traced back 2,000 years

Most people would have heard of the fairy tale of “ Little Red Riding Hood ”. It is the story of a young girl who wears a cloak and hood made of red velvet, who goes wondering through the forest...