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Jelena Hrvoj

Jelena Hrvoj was born in 1987, in Zabok, Croatia. She graduated graphic design at School for Art and Design. She began her literary career in 2014 by publishing her first psychological thriller Shtorka. Soon after, she started working for the online literary magazine Kvaka as an editor and columnist. In the year 2016 Jelena was accepted into the Croatian Literary Association/Croatian zagorje branch and started working for online magazines Amazonke and Book Club (Književni klub). In addition, Jelena is also active as a surrealist illustrator and had held three independent art exhibitions and is a proud illustrator of a poetry book. 

Except for Shtorka, (available in English on Amazon) Jelena has published three more books:

Psychological horror; House of Durga (original title: Durgina kuća/2016.)

Psychological thriller; Shtorka Manifest; the sequel of Shtorka (original title: Štorka Manifest 2017.)

Thriller/Sci-Fi; Dedivination-Nation of Psychosis (original title: Dedivinacija-Nacija psihoze 2018.)


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