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Europe was changed after the Black Death ended. Source: Alexander / Adobe Stock.

What Happened After the Black Death Ended? (Video)

After the Black Death's devastating toll on Europe, survivors faced daunting challenges. The plague's aftermath brought about a stark transformation. The immediate impact was an economic crisis, with...
Archaeologists uncovered a medieval stone phallus they believe may have been used to sharpen weapons. Source: Árbore Arqueoloxía S.Coop.Galega

Stone Penis Found in Ancient Ruins in Spain Had Violent Purpose

A bizarre artifact has been uncovered in ancient ruins in the northwestern region of Spain: a six-inch stone penis. The relic stands out, not just for its phallic form, but for its violent purpose –...
A Samurai Preparing for Seppuku

The Honorable Death: Samurai and Seppuku in Feudal Japan

While martial suicide is a practice found in a lot of cultures, the act of seppuku , or ritual self-disembowelment, is peculiar to Japan. The earliest known acts of seppuku were the deaths of samurai...
Statue of Rollo, Duke of Normandy in Ålesund, Norway. The Clameur de Haro is traditionally believed to have been a plea towards this ruler.

Clameur de Haro: Feudal Law Brings Construction Project To a Standstill

Rosie Henderson, from Guernsey, activated the ancient Norman rite of Clameur de Haro in protest of “the narrowing of a road” which she claims “would endanger pedestrians and motorists,” according to...
Remnants of the castle found in Kyoto

Remains of castle built by powerful Japanese feudal leader unearthed in Kyoto

Archaeologists believe they have found the remnants of a powerful Japanese feudal leader's heavily fortified “phantom castle,” so-called because historians thought it had been destroyed in an...