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Image representing ancient ancestors in field collecting food. Source: Joyce/Adobe Stock

How Did We Discover Fermentation? (Video)

The evolution of fermentation traces back millions of years, intertwined with the dietary habits of our primate ancestors . As they foraged on the forest floor, scavenging fallen fruits, they...
The complete large straw-tempered Egyptian beer jars from Hierakonpolis in the background. Source:  Journal of Anthropological Archaeology

The Egyptian Beer Recipe Is the Oldest In the World (Video)

Amidst the grandeur of Egyptian history lies an enduring legacy—the art of brewing beer. Hieroglyphs within Pharaohs' chambers unveil a civilization sustained by this liquid gold. Collaborating with...
Winemaking in Georgia. Source: lobodaphoto / Adobe Stock.

Behind Georgia’s 8,000-Year-Old Winemaking Tradition (Video)

Georgia boasts an unparalleled winemaking legacy, stretching back an astonishing eight millennia . Research reveals that this land birthed the art of winemaking, nurturing over 40 vineyards today...
Fesikh fermented fish. Source: Tamer / Adobe Stock.

Egyptian Fesikh: This Food of the Pharaohs Could Kill You (Video)

In Egypt, a culinary tradition both captivating and treacherous holds sway: fesikh (fermented mullet fish), a dish that dances on the edge of danger. Despite annual warnings from the Ministry of...
Traditional soy sauce production. Source: Quang / Adobe Stock.

750 Years of Flavor: The Story of Yuasa's Soy Sauce (Video)

In the captivating town of Yuasa, Japan, a remarkable secret has been safeguarded for an astonishing 750 years. It is here that the origins of soy sauce , a cornerstone of Japanese gastronomy , were...
Kurozu Japanese Vinegar. Source: kazoka303030 / Adobe Stock.

Kurozu: Rare Japanese Vinegar is Worth Its Weight in Gold (Video)

In a small southern Japanese town called Fukuyama, there is a unique type of vinegar that has been brewed for over 200 years using a traditional fermentation method. It is called kurozu, a Japanese...
Wooden barrels used in Japanese soy sauce production. Source:  TeTsumi / Adobe Stock.

Why Only 1% of Japan’s Soy Sauce is Made the Traditional Way (Video)

Soy sauce is a ubiquitous ingredient in Japanese cuisine , adding flavor and complexity to dishes from sushi to ramen. But did you know that only 1% of Japan's soy sauce is made the traditional way?...
Ancient amphorae found in Wuzhen, China. Please note that this is a representation and are not the amphorae used in the study.        Source: lotusjeremy / Adobe stock

6000-Year-Old Amphorae Reveal Ancient China’s Pursuit of Perfect Beer

Beer has been brewed for thousands of years and has played a very important role in societies. Researchers who were examining some Neolithic amphorae fragments have made a startling discovery. They...
 A flood of beer (kulkann / Adobe Stock)

The Great London Beer Flood That Drowned Eight People in Alcohol

The Great London Beer Flood of 1814 was one of the most bizarre and tragic industrial accidents in the history of London. This disaster occurred at a brewery on Tottenham Court Road which resulted in...
Ancient Roman Elite Made Wine When not at War

Ancient Roman Elite Made Wine When not at War

Archaeologists have uncovered a unique insight into the life of one of the Roman Empire’s most prominent landowners. Until now, very little has been known about these leaders, aside from their battle...