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Europa, Jupiter's Moon

Are Scientists Set to Discover Life Beneath Europa’s Underground Ocean?

Europa is one of Jupiter’s 79 moons. It is one of four large moons that revolve around the planet, and is slightly smaller in size than our moon. Europa was discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei, and...
An old map of Europe

From Christendom to Europe: How a Continent Got Its Identity

It is tempting to regard the history of Europe as a tale of gradually closer union, an evolution now imperilled by the forces of nationalistic populism that have brought Brexit and the growth of far-...
The bull-leaping fresco of Knossos palace, in Crete, Greece, dated to about 1600 to 1450 BC. The bull was an important animal in Minoan religion and closely related to the great goddess the Cretans worshiped.

Origins of the Mysterious Minoans Unraveled by Scientists

The Minoan people of Crete—Europe’s first high civilization—present a mystery that has long perplexed scholars and inspired much speculation: Where did these people, whose culture and artifacts...
The Kidnapping of Europa Mosaic, the Zeugma Mosaic Museum, Gaziantep, Turkey

Tracing the Origins of Europe, through Goddess Europa, Back to Jeroboam? Pt 2

Read Part 1 In the ancient legend surrounding the goddess Europa, the Greeks were essentially telling the story of how Phoenicians ended up getting scattered, founding and settling, in the various...
The Abduction of Europa by Rembrandt, 1632 (Wikimedia Commons)

Tracing the Origins of Europe, through Goddess Europa, Back to Jeroboam?

The usual derivation of the term Europe recalls the Greek myth of Europa. This origin is no mystery, in fact the Euro, their official coin, depicts the famous virgin seated on her bull-god. A popular...
The Abduction of Europa, 1716, Jean Francois de Troy.

The Phoenician city of Tyre - A rich history of industry, mythology and conflict

According to tradition, the city of Tyre was founded in 2750 B.C., and is considered one of the world’s oldest metropolises. For much of its history, Tyre has played an important role in the region...
Europa - Search for Habitable Planets

Government Funding Approved for Europa Mission in Search for Habitable Planets

Jupiter’s moon Europa is often described as one of those space destinations that most allure an astronomer. It is reported to contain all the essential ingredients for life, which was identified by...