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Nero after the burning of Rome by Karl von Piloty (before 1886) Lenbachhaus (Public Domain)

The Tainted Love Life Of Nero, Fickle Emperor Of Rome

In 49 BC, Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero sent a letter to his friend Atticus informing him about the current gossip in Rome. This time, the big news involved the famous Mark Antony. “ Marcus...
The Forbidden City of China. Source: Source: ABCDstock / Adobe Stock

The Great Forbidden City: A Glimpse into China's Imperial Past

The Forbidden City of China, a sprawling imperial palace that once housed the China’s powerful emperors, is a marvel of ancient architecture and Chinese history. Spanning an impressive 720,000 square...
Stone Vessel Leads Researcher To The Lost Tomb Of Emperor Liu Zhi

Stone Vessel Leads Researcher To The Lost Tomb Of Emperor Liu Zhi

An intrepid archaeologist in China has followed a series of clues from ancient texts leading to his discovery of an ornate stone vessel that he suspected indicated the lost burial mausoleum of the...
Much of the Radhanites' overland trade between Tangier and Mesopotamia was by camel. Source: Gaper / Adobe Stock

The Radhanites: A Glimpse into the Trade Networks of the Middle Ages

It is no secret that throughout the classical and early medieval period, trade played an immense role in the economy of the world. Trade routes were spread all over Eurasia, and effectively connected...
Chinese concubines in a harem

20,000 Women and 100,000 Castrated Men to Serve the Emperor: The Imperial Harem of China

In Imperial China, one of the important tasks that the emperor needed to do was to ensure the continuation of the dynasty, which was achieved by the production of a male heir. For this purpose, the...
Royal dogs in the ancient Forbidden City of China

The opulent life of royal dogs in the ancient Forbidden City of China

From specially-tailored dog outfits to slave eunuchs to serve their every need, the royal dogs of China’s Forbidden City had it all. Now researchers have revealed the opulent life of these royal...