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The Tower of Babel. Source: FrankBoston / Adobe Stock.

Unraveling the Tower of Babel: Myth or Reality? (Video)

The ancient ruins of Babylon , located in central Iraq, have long captivated historians and archeologists alike. Among its remnants lies a structure that has stirred intrigue and speculation—the...
The tower of Babel

The Legendary Tower of Babel: What Does it Mean?

One of the many fantastic stories in the Book of Genesis is the Tower of Babel, a tall construction made in Babylonia after the Deluge. The gist of the story is: All human beings used to speak the...
The ziggurat Choga Zanbil in Ira

Ziggurat: A Mesopotamian Manmade Mountain to Reach the Gods

With their massive terraces decreasing in size as the building rises, ziggurats can easily be called manmade mountains. They are identifiable structures most often associated with ancient...
‘The Tower of Babel’ (1595) by Lucas van Valckenborch.

Inside Etemenanki: The Real-Life Tower of Babel

If there was a tower of Babel, it was Etemenanki: a massive, stone ziggurat at the center of Babylon built to be a passageway up to heaven. The Babylonians didn’t see their tower of Babel as a...