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Egyptian tombs

Pyramids acted as beacons to tomb raiders. Source: sit0108 / Adobe Stock.

Why Pyramids Were Effective Advertisements for Tomb Raiders (Video)

The ancient pyramids of Egypt, exemplified by the Great Pyramid of Giza , stand as remarkable structures in human history. Renowned Egyptologist Dr. Mark Lehner explores their construction and the...
: Left; This sturdy mudbrick tower house overlooking the Nile River, found along with the 85 new Egyptian tombs. Right; Funerary permits for the graves found at the site.		Source: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

Discovered: 85 Egyptian Tombs, Spanning More Than 2,500 Years!

The latest excavations in Egypt’s southern province of Sohag have led to the discovery of 85 new Egyptian tombs that date back far into antiquity, Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities just...